Friday, September 9, 2011

Indie Band Song Needed for Feature Film

Below is a special opportunity that we wanted to give you a heads up about. Just got the word about this project today, and Taxi Music needs the music by Wednesday, September 14th, 2011. You can find this listing under the Pop (Film & TV) genre in the Submit Music section of your hosting site.

Music Supervisor needs an Indie ELECTRO-POP SONG a la "Very Busy People" by Limousine for a FEATURE FILM Placement. Quoting the Supervisor: "Please urge members to view this video before submitting their music. This band and song reflects precisely the style/vibe that we're looking for. MALE vocals strongly preferred, unless there is a female band that has ALL these attributes."

Here's the video:

No keywords/lyric themes given, but anything that conveys the insanity of being hyper- connected in our socially networked world could give you an edge, though not absolutely required. Other bands in the 15 year-old skater boy ballpark are: Home Town Hero, Under the Influence of Giants and tune-yArDs.


And don't forget, DO NOT rip-off or copy the referenced artist's song in any way, shape or form. Use it ONLY as a guide for texture, tone, and general style, etc. The sync fee is negotiable. Broadcast Quality and Top-Notch Vocal Performance are needed for this pitch (excellent home recordings are fine). You must own or control 100% of the Publishing and Master rights. This is DIRECT to the Music Supervisor, so you will KEEP 100% of the income--NO Publisher Splits!

Please submit one to three songs online or per CD, include LYRICS. ALL SUBMISSIONS will be screened on a YES/NO BASIS by the Music Supervisor HERSELF, so NO FULL CRITIQUES on this listing. THE SUPERVISOR WILL CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY IF SHE IS INTERESTED. Submissions must be received no later than WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th, 2011 at 10:00AM (PDT). Good luck!

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