Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DJ Tatiana Fontes in NYC, this Friday

This Friday, September 23, don't miss a rare NY appearance by the LA-based Brazilian superDJ & supermodel Tatiana Fontes in the Big Ben Lounge @ Greenhouse.
150 Varick St.
New York, NY 10013-1218
Ph:(212) 807-7000

"So excited for Greenhouse/NYC," Tati says. "Can't wait to sin & take a bite of my favorite apple again! ;) What a great way to kick start my tour!" You go, girl!

Greenhouse is New York City's first L.E.E.D. registered, Eco-friendly Event Space. This two floored, 6,000 square foot event space is built from recycled or recyclable materials and can be booked separately or combined. Everything about Greenhouse in environmentally conscious, all the way down to its construction and design. The LED (light emitting diode) lighting system uses one thirtieth the energy of a standard lighting system. Also Bamboo wall covering was used in place of wood. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable material and can grow back within ten years of being cut down.

Among Greenhouse's most spectacular attributes is the transparent ceiling fixture, comprised of over 5,000 individually hung crystals, which is designed to emulate a rolling landscape & the bars which are comprised of clear recycled glass panorama designs.

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