Sunday, October 31, 2010

In the next half hour

"Dear Arnaldo --

According to our files, you are currently registered in California's 3oth Congressional District. A couple things are going to happen in the next half hour in your area.

Partisan attack ads funded by big banks and big oil will air over and over on national cable television.

Outrageous right-wing smear messages will arrive in inboxes around the country.

And dozens of voters in Santa Barbara will make a decision about whether they'll be voting in this year's election.

They're people who might not currently be planning on making it to the polls in two days.

They're people who might not know what's at stake -- who might not know the choice we all have in this election.

All of that is happening in the next 30 minutes. The only question is, will you be the person who changes the equation by picking up the phone and calling even just one voter today?

If each one of us calls just one voter in our area right now -- it could make a huge difference at the polls on Election Day.

Grab your phone and click here to connect with a voter in your area right now.

We're not the only ones who want to get voters out to the polls this election season.

The other side has a plan, too.

Theirs is a plan that outsources its messaging to big special interest groups that don't have to disclose where they're getting their millions in donations.

It's a plan that thinks that big money deserves a big mouthpiece.

And right now, it's a plan at work in close districts around the country.

So in this moment, you can choose whether or not to counter it with your voice.

You can join the thousands of supporters around the country calling from their kitchens and their living rooms -- coffee shops and cubicles.

Because we know that this is when our most important work is done. And we know that we are the very best ones to do it.

There are just two days left until Election Day -- two days to have the kinds of one-on-one conversations that we know make the difference in close races.

And right now, the single best way you can affect how many people are at the polls on November 2nd is by using your voice, right now.

Click this link and reach out to just one voter in your area today:


Mitch Stewart
Director - Organizing for America
A project of the Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol Street SE,
Washington, D.C. 20003.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pantha du Prince ticket give away

Pantha du Prince's melodic, minimal techno should go quite nicely with the shimmering, ethereal art pop that Blonde Redhead have offered on their newest record, and both will be performing together next Wednesday, November 3 at Webster Hall.
Other Music got a pair of tickets to give away, which you can enter for by emailing They'll notify the winner tomorrow.

125 East 11th Street, NYC

Arnaldo, let us know when you're voting?

"Arnaldo --

It's important that we know when you plan to cast your ballot Tuesday so we can make smart decisions about who to call and which doors to knock.

And if you make a plan and let us know today, we'll send you a reminder and help you stick with it, even if you end up running late or are busier than you expected.

Where will you be before you head to the polls? What will you be up to? And most importantly: When are you planning to vote on Election Day?


Organizing for America
A project of the Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003"

Halloween Weekend Event Update - Bar 210/Playhouse!

Halloween Weekend Event Update - Bar 210/Playhouse!
These ticket prices keep increasing so get your tickets ASAP to save money & time! :-)

Beverly Hills' Haunted Hotel @ BAR 210 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel - Sat Oct 30
Featuring Mixed Reactions // Hip Hop, Rock, House, Electro, Dubstep from 9pm to 2am.
Prizes will be given to the best costumes!
Limited tickets may be available at the door. Early arrival is highly recommended.
Limited $75 Express Entry pre-sales online until 7pm @; or in person until 9pm

Reveal Your Senses - Halloween @ Playhouse - Sun Oct 31
Featuring Live Performance by Mickey Avalon!
Two Dancefloors - Hip Hop, Rock, House, Electro, Dubstep w/ Morse Code & Mixed Reactions
Limited $15 Express Entry pre-sales online until 7:30 @; or in person until 9pm

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Win a Local Natives free show laminate

Local Natives' introspective harmony-laden indie rock is so right for this time of year, and this Friday the group will be performing at Webster Hall in support of their great Gorilla Manor full-length, along with Ruby Suns and the Union Line. Frenchkiss Records has given us a couple pair of laminates to raffle off, which will get two lucky winners and their respective guest into the now sold-out show. To enter, email, and they'll notify the two winners Thursday afternoon.

125 East 11th Street, NYC

CD of the Week - "Geof Bradfield: African Flowers"

CD of the Week
Geof Bradfield: "African Flowers" (Origin) 2010

"African Flowers" is a big, bold, inspired suite of original music by saxophonist/composer Geof Bradfield that draws on his experiences traveling and performing in Africa in early 2008. During the course of a month-long tour of Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, and Zimbabwe as a member of pianist Ryan Cohan's quartet, Bradfield absorbed, reflected, and synthesized. The powerful fruits of his creative journey may be heard on African Flowers, his second CD for the Origin label (recorded in October 2009 and released on September 21, 2010) and third overall as a leader.

The tour in question was arranged under the auspices of The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad, a program co-sponsored by the U.S. State Department and Jazz at Lincoln Center. Even before he'd left Chicago, Bradfield had in mind to compose and perform "an extended work for sextet blending African melodies and rhythms with elements of modern jazz."

Ryan Cohan is on hand for the recording, along with guitarist Jeff Parker, bassist Clark Sommers, drummer George Fludas, and excellent trumpeter/percussionist Victor Garcia. "We spent our time in Africa together checking out a lot of music," Bradfield says of Cohan, his longtime friend and musical partner. "We have similar interests in that vein. He has a deep rhythmic conception."

The suite consists of nine main songs with interludes by the ensemble and solo piano, drums, and bass. "All the pieces use motifs from other pieces," Bradfield says. "There's no piece that stands alone, that isn't in some way connected to another."

Portions of the suite were inspired by Baganda xylophone music of Uganda, taarab of Kenya and Tanzania (a genre-bending music blending stylistic elements of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe), and Congolese rumba. The opening track "Butare" is based on a Rwandan praise song. But there's nothing academic about African Flowers, a work of great passion, vision, and virtuosity by Geof Bradfield and his collaborators.

Bradfield, who critic Neil Tesser says has "in the last few years quietly established himself among Chicago's truly elite saxophonists," was born (in 1970) and raised in Houston, where he attended the prestigious High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. He earned his undergraduate degree at DePaul University in Chicago and his master's at California Institute of the Arts in L.A. There his instructors included Charlie Haden, Albert "Tootie" Heath, Joe La Barbera, Roscoe Mitchell, and Leo Smith. From Haden he learned "that your music should reflect whatever your beliefs and life experiences are" and that "anything goes."

From 1994 to 1997 Bradfield lived in Brooklyn, working with many other forward-looking jazz players on the New York scene. He returned to Chicago and freelanced for several years with bands including the Mighty Blue Kings, Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls, the Ryan Cohan Quartet, and his own trio. Bradfield taught at Washington State University in Pullman from 2000 to 2003, and relocated to Chicago once again in late 2003, taking a faculty position at Columbia College.

That year Bradfield released his well-received debut, Rule of Three (Liberated Zone), with bassist Noel Kupersmith and drummer Ted Sirota. Urban Nomad (Origin), which followed in 2008, was a quartet date with pianist Ron Perrillo as well as longtime colleagues Clark Sommers and George Fludas, whose affiliation with the saxophonist dates back to his days at DePaul.

Geof Bradfield is looking forward to bringing the music of African Flowers to the stage. He debuted the material at several Chicago concerts in October 2009, and scheduled three CD release events in the Chicago area with his sextet this fall: at the Jazz Showcase 10/13, at Room 43 (Hyde Park Jazz Society) 10/17, and at S.P.A.C.E. in Evanston next November 10. "With African Flowers," says Bradfield, "I hope to communicate to the listener the expansive spirit and deep soulfulness I experienced as a traveler in Africa."

Geof Bradfield Web Site:

Kendra Shank @ 55 Bar, NYC, Oct 29

Oct 29, 2010
Kendra Shank Group @ 55 BAR, NYC
55 Christopher St. (betwn 6th & 7th aves., Greenwich Village)
New York, NY

Kendra Shank - voice / Gary Versace - keyboard / Dean Johnson - bass / Tony Moreno - drums
No cover, 2 drink minimum / minors welcome with guardian.

"We'll play some tunes by New York composers Fred Hersch, Kirk Nurock, Russ Lossing, & Abbey Lincoln, plus some re-created standards, folk/pop, and more," Kendra says. So, check it out!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Vinyl of the Day - "Deodato: Golden Disc"

Vinyl of the Day
Eumir Deodato: "Golden Disc" (MCA)

Produced, Arranged & Conducted by Deodato
Featuring: John Tropea, Will Lee, Rubens Bassini, Nick Remo, Bob Mintzer, John Guilino, Gilmore Digap et al.

Spiritual Events next week in the LA Area

Spiritual Events next week in the LA Area
For Full Details:

* Workshop by Denny Ashkenazi, NLP, Time Line Therapy
* "Cleaning the Windshield" - of your life
* Reiki Circle
* Reiki, Level One
For Full Details:

* I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do
* Unlocking The Technology of the Mind...Live the Life you Dream of Living
* Karma and Reincarnation: Unlocking Your 800 Lives to Enlightenment
For Full Details:

* all day harmonic jewelry trunk show with Alexandra Cabri
* Now Healing 101 - One-Day Course
* The Heart of Surrender Workshop with Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar
* spirit of a woman
* Journaling for Self - Empowerment w/ Ila Sender
* The Artist's Way Workshop
* Intuitive Writing Workshop w/ Kelly Thacher
* "How to Survive Spirituality in our Times"
* BE YOUR TRUTH WORKSHOP Healing Your Communication with Yourself and Others
* Spirit Quest Tours Presentation "Eat, Pray, Love Bali
* From Everest to enlightenment
* Awakening the Kryst Within

For Full Details:

* Psychic / Healing Faire
* The Vibe Tribe - Whole Body Vibration Therapy
* Animal Totems Workshop
* What's Holding You Back? Learn How Spirit Can Help.
For Full Details:

* Sunday Celebration Services
* Exercising Your Sixth Sense
* My Body, My Life

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2010 Host Awards this Sunday

The Second Annual HOST Awards
Sunday, Oct 24, with music by DJ Karma

"In this city it's not what u know/
It's who u know how to party with..."

The Bank Nightclub @ Bellagio
6276 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV, 89131

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Lick My House" @ Bypass, Oct 23

Carrefour de l’Etoile 1,
1227 Les Acacias
Genève, Switzerland
Ph: 0022 300 6565

Biden: "Barack and I aren't going to let them"

"Dear Arnaldo --

According to our records, you are currently living in California's 30th Congressional District. So, some folks I know need your help.

I'm talking about a few senators who right now are in tough election fights because they've defied some of the most powerful special interests on Capitol Hill. People like Barbara Boxer in California, Patty Murray in Washington, and Harry Reid in Nevada.

They are being targeted because they did the right thing. Because they chose to take on the tough fights to make our country stronger.

But these aren't just good people. They're our best allies.

And the President and I are doing everything we can to support them so we can continue this work -- but we need your help as we approach Election Day.

Over the past few months, Organizing for America has made an unprecedented investment in on-the-ground organizing. But we need you to help us finish strong.

Please donate $3 or more today to help make sure our plans include support for as many of these allies as possible.

The stakes in this election couldn't be higher.

Outside interest groups are spending hundreds of millions of dollars targeting these folks with attack ads. And these groups can go after as many of these folks as they want -- with the help of unlimited corporate money, without ever disclosing who's paying for the attacks.

Just take a look at the people these groups are helping. Take one hard look at what these guys stand for. It's not just a one-way trip back to the failed economic policies that drove our economy into a ditch -- it's worse.

If we give them back the keys, they'll lower the minimum wage. They'll privatize Social Security. They'll double down on the record deficit they created by extending the irresponsible tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.

Barack and I aren't going to sit around while these special interests try to take our country backward.

The fact is, we are fighting alongside our allies in Congress for something big -- working to build a stronger foundation for our country. When you're doing that, almost every vote is hard. Almost every vote requires courage and backbone.

And, I'll be honest with you: We never would have been able to make the historic progress we've made if these folks had decided to play it safe.

They chose to fight -- and I'm glad they did. That's why you and I need to stand with them over the next two weeks. The President and I need them to help us move America forward.

And we need your help in these critical last two weeks.

Whatever you can chip in today means we can take this fight to more close races across the country. Your support means our volunteers can talk to more voters on the ground. It keeps our message on the airwaves. It means vital resources to get voters to the polls on Election Day.

Please donate $3 or more today and help us fund our Vote 2010 plan:

Joe Biden"

Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003

Kandy Halloween @ Playboy Mansion, Oct 30

Playboy Mansion Halloween Party Tickets 2010
Kandy Halloween @ the Playboy Mansion
Featuring DJ Tiesto
October 30, 2010

The MOST outrageous Halloween party is back! Contact TicketsToTheMansion.Com at 1-877-522-9892 for your tickets now!!!

Kandy Halloween @ the Playboy Mansion is one of the most sensational, scariest and sexiest haunted house parties in the nation. This party has set records for attendance and is recognized as the premier Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion.

Tiesto is widely regarded as the most popular and renowned DJ on the planet. He draws crowds upwards of 250,000 people at one time and he is performing at Kandy Halloween on October 30th for an intimate group of about 1,500 people at the Playboy Mansion.

Kandy Resident DJ MisterE will opening up for Tiesto and keeping the vibe just right. There will be ghouls jumping out of the two graveyards and haunted forest than ever before, a freaky 4,000 square foot haunted house, body painted Kandy Models & Playmates and of course over 1,000 of the world's most gorgeous women! This party sells out early every year. Advance guest list admission is $1000 and will increase as the event gets closer. There are only 600 tickets available for purchase.

Tickets start at $1000 and will increase as it gets closer to the event. Ticket includes:
Free Parking and Shuttle from the parking lot to the Playboy Mansion, Open premium Bars and Buffets by the Playboy Mansion's Executive Chef, DJs, Kandy Dancers and live performance by global superstar - TIESTO!, Access to the Playboy Mansion grounds from 8:00pm until 2:00am - nearly 5 acres with two graveyards, a haunted forest, a really scary haunted house, actors dressed as monsters and ghouls to jump out at you at every turn.

VIP Cabanas and Tables - $10,000, Cabanas & Tables include:
- Dedicated Kabana Girl
- Free flowing bottle service all night
- 2 bottles of Cristal
- Security around your Area
- VIP Check-in
- 3 Couches for Seating Approximately 8-10 people
- Special Kandy Surprises!
**Tables/Cabanas DO NOT include Tickets' Table/Cabana Buyers and their guests must also buy Tickets**

Price will increase as the event date nears.

Tickets sold separately. Due to the limited number of Cabanas, be sure to get your reservations in early!
Coveted Drive-on Passes to the Mansion are available. With a Drive-on Pass you may drive your own vehicle up to the Mansion for Valet Service or Limo Drop-off/Pick-up. All passengers in the vehicle must have their own tickets.

Audrey Silver live in NY, Oct 30

Audrey Silver Quintet at The Metropolitan Room, October 30th at 7PM
34 West 22nd Street (btwn 5th and 6th)
New York, NY

For her appearance at The Metropolitan Room, Audrey will be performing songs from her first two recordings ("Here in My Arms" and "Dream Awhile") as well as works by Bob Dorough, Cole Porter and Duke Ellington.

One show only at 7PM
$20 Cover and 2 Drink Minimum
Reservations Highly Recommended
Ph: (212) 206-0440

Audrey Silver (vocals)
Joshua Wolff (piano)
Tim Armacost (saxophone)
Paul Beaudry (bass)
Vito Lesczak (drums)

Audrey's band includes pianist Joshua Wolff who, upon moving to New York from Seattle, became one of Mark Murphy's preferred accompanists. Saxophonist, Tim Armacost's career is distinguished by performance and recording credits alongside the likes of Al Foster, Jimmy Cobb, Kenny Barron, Tom Harrell, Billy Hart, Victor Lewis, Roy Hargrove, Paquito D'Rivera, Claudio Roditi and Randy Brecker. In-demand bassist, Paul Beaudry has performed and toured with many jazz luminaries including Steve Turre, Wycliffe Gordon, Antonio Hart, Charlie Persip, Winard Harper, Dena DeRose, Allan Harris, Cynthia Scott, Eric Lewis, and Miles Griffith. Drummer, Vito Lesczak has collaborated with some of today's greatest jazz singers including Andy Bey, Mark Murphy and Hillary Gardner. Don't miss this performance!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Denise Donatelli & Geoffrey Keezer @ Vitello's, Oct 21, celebrating "When Lights Are Low"

(please click on the image to enlarge it)
Denise Donatelli with Geoffrey Keezer Quintet celebrating their new CD release, "When Lights Are Low"
Thursday, October 21st, 2010 8:00 PM

CD Launch Performance @ Vitello's Jazz and Supper Club
4349 Tujunga Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604
Ph: (818) 769.0905

Champagne toast 7pm and dinner seating:
Shows: $25/8pm & 9:30pm
$13 food or drink min.

Denise Donatelli, vocals
Geoffrey Keezer, piano
Peter Sprague, guitar
Hamilton Price, bass
Marvin "Smitty" Smith, drums
Rob Lockart, sax
Julia Dollison, background vocals
Kerry Marsh, background vocals

Denise Donatelli's "When Lights Are Low," released on Savant Records, includes such tracks as "It's You or No One," "Don't Explain," "Why Did I Choose You?," "Forward, Like So" and Roberto Menescal's "The Telephone Song," originally recorded in the USA by Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto (with the English lyrics by Norman Gimbel) on the "Getz Au Go Go" (Verve) album. "When we were in the studio, Peter Sprague and I decided to do a duet, it was totally a spur of the moment thing. Peter picked the tune," Denise says. The other Brazilian song we recorded was Ivan Lins' 'Kisses,' with the lyrics by the Bergmans."

Don't miss these two sets at Vitello's!

Obama: The Final Weekend

Dear Arnaldo:

According to our files, you are currently registered in California's 3oth Congressional District.

Forget the "enthusiasm gap." Here's the real story about who is more fired up and ready to go -- just as our campaigns shift into GOTV (get-out-the-vote) mode.

Reports are coming in from across the country of record early voting turnout in key states like Ohio and Iowa -- with Democratic turnout far outpacing our opponents.

On Saturday, OFA volunteers reached out to more than 1 million voters in a single day -- levels we haven't seen since the closing days of the presidential campaign two years ago.

And on Sunday night, Barack and Michelle Obama spoke to more than 35,000 Ohioans about these final two weeks. It was the largest rally since the inauguration.

But none of that will be enough unless we continue building through the final days of this election.

Will you sign up to fill a crucial GOTV shift in the final four days of our Vote 2010 campaign?

As the President said in Columbus, "there's no more important time to be out there knocking on doors, making phone calls, and helping voters get to the polls" than on the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday before Election Day -- and on Election Day itself, November 2nd.

Supporters across the country will come together in the final days to help eke out every last vote we can -- from the grandmother who would like nothing more than to vote and just needs a ride, to that last call to convince a first-time voter from 2008 that he needs to get back to the polls this year.

And from New York to California, Alaska to Florida -- and everywhere in between -- there are key races that will need every ounce of energy you can spare.

Please sign up to help in the closing days of this campaign:

Mitch Stewart
Director -"Organizing for America"
A project of the Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol Street SE,
Washington, D.C. 20003

Monday, October 18, 2010

DVD of the Week - "Mika: Marimba Madness"

DVD of the Week
Mika Yoshida: "Marimba Madness - Live in Concert 2009" (Big Round) 2010

Like Steve Gadd says in the back cover: "Mika is a force of nature!"
Probably the greatest marimba player in jazz since Red Norvo and Bobby Hutcherson, the NY-born Japanese talent Mika Yoshida recorded this DVD in a concert in Tamana City, Kumamoto, Japan.
She leads a powerful quartet with her producer Gadd (drums), Eddie Gomez (acoustic bass) & Peter Stoltzman (acoustic piano), opening with Bill Douglas' "Jubilation" and closing with Chick Corea's tour-de-force "Spain," followed by the lovely Bob Becker's "Girlfriend's Melody."
But the highlights are Eddie Gomez's 14-minute long "Mika Suite," Alice Gomez's "Rain Dance," Gadd's own "The Duke" (originally recorded on Gadd's 1984 debut CD as a leader, "Gaddabout" -- btw, co-writer David Matthews is not credited here) and the jazz classic "Caravan," a big hit composed for Duke Ellington Orchestra by trombonist Juan Tizol, a victim of typo here, being mispelled Jaun Tizol (sic).
There are some editing video problems -- the bad shot on Gadd's snare and the presence of an assistant behind him throughtout the concert looks very strange -- and I don't like the fact that all applauses after each and every tune end abruptly in fade-out, but the musical content is impeccable. Highly recommended to all the fans of both Gadd & Gomez, as well as to marimba lovers.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow

A Sunny Day in Glasgow follow-up last year's "Ashes Grammar" album with the aptly named "Autumn, Again." It's here in which we learn that the tumultuous sessions that led to Ashes (complete with a major line-up change) were equally prolific, with bandleader Ben Daniels not only recording enough material for one album, but also the Nitetime Rainbows EP, and now, 11 more tracks have surfaced. Where Ashes found the group placing a heavier emphasis on the "experimental" side of their gauzy celestial pop, with tracks often connected by reverb-drenched interludes of orchestrated arrangements, backwards instruments and quick bursts of electronics, Autumn, Again is more song-focused. That's not to insinuate, however, that they've watered down any of the swirl -- the guitars still chime, the electronics still shimmer, and layers of singer Annie Frederickson's yearning melodies still dance from one speaker to the other.

"Autumn, Again" will be free on Other Music Digital through the end of the year, and for their vinyl buyers, they'll have limited-pressed LP copies of this for sale at the shop later this week.

Win a pair of tickets to one of A Sunny Day in Glasgow's upcoming NYC shows next week, on Tuesday, October 26 at Brooklyn's Knitting Factory and Saturday, October 30 at Mercury Lounge. Email and please list the performance you'd like to attend. They'll notify the two winners this Friday.

Scot Albertson & Daryl Kojak live @ Blueberry

This next October 23, singer Scot Albertson join talents with pianist Daryl Kojak to perform songs from Scot's latest CD "Vibination," as well as tunes from his previous albums. This vocal/piano duo evening will take place at Blueberry Music & Art House (135 Mason Street) in Greenwich, Connecticut. For reservations, please call (203) 987-6445.

CD of the Week - "Mason Brothers: Two Sides, One Story"

CD of the Week
Mason Brothers: "Two Sides, One Story" (Archival Records) 2010

Produced by Brad & Elliot Mason
Engineered by James Farber
Mastered by Michael MacDonald
Liner Notes by Winton Marsalis
Featuring: David Kikoski, Scott Colley, Antonio Sanchez, Chris Potter, Joe Locke & Tim Miller

The Mason Brothers -- trumpeter Brad and trombonist Elliot -- have been making music together since they were kids in Norwich, England. Both came to America in the early 1990s on scholarships to Boston's Berklee College of Music and, after graduating and relocating to New York City, have distinguished themselves in a number of challenging musical settings -- Elliot with the Mingus Big Band, Count Basie Orchestra, Maria Schneider Orchestra, and, since 2007, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra directed by Wynton Marsalis, and Brad with Natalie Cole, Mike Stern, Randy Brecker, Lionel Loueke, the Mingus Big Band, and, since 2007, singer-songwriter John Mayer's band.

Now, at long last, the brothers have gotten together to release a self-produced CD of their own straight-ahead, cutting-edge jazz, released on October 5 on their Archival Records label. Five of the eight tunes on the Mason Brothers' "Two Sides, One Story," were penned by Elliot, including "Stage Pints," a clever anagram for "Giant Steps" on which the melody of the famous John Coltrane composition is played backwards over the song's original chord changes. Brad and Elliot collaborated in writing the remaining three selections.

To complete the personnel of the Mason Brothers band, Brad and Elliot assembled a world-class rhythm section comprising pianist David Kikoski, bassist Scott Colley, and drummer Antonio Sanchez, often associated with Pat Metheny. Tenor saxophone great Chris Potter augments the quintet on "Stage Pints" and "In the Third Person." Veteran Milestone vibraphonist Joe Locke makes a guest appearance on "Gone Home," and guitarist Tim Miller joins in on "Evil Eye."

"We had our ideas of who we thought would be the perfect cast for this project, but we didn't think that we'd get them all in one room together at the same time," says Elliot, 33. "And somehow we found a couple of days in September of last year that worked for everybody."

In his booklet notes for the digipak sleeve of "Two Sides, One Story," Wynton Marsalis says of Brad and Elliot, "These brothers have a true bond and closeness unscarred by any kind of rivalry or smallness that has become the legend of brothers since Cain and Abel."

Although sibling rivalry is absent, Brad and Elliot do not think entirely alike musically. This is especially evident on the title track, in which the melody is first played passively, then aggressively, to create a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde-type effect.

"Even though we may love the same music, we have a different way of playing," says Brad, 37. "If we played very similar, it wouldn't work. The fact that we have these very different sides in our own playing, I think, helps us to take the music in slightly different directions."

Barry Mason, Brad and Elliot's dad, played trumpet and trombone and began giving both boys trumpet lessons before they started grade school, although Elliot switched to trombone at age 7. Their mom, Christine Vance, was a jazz singer. The brothers grew up regularly hearing records by the like of Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, and Duke Ellington being played around their house in Norwich, about 100 miles north of London. Both played in English dance halls, theaters, clubs, and pubs before coming to the United States as teenagers to study at Berklee, Brad in 1991, Elliot in 1993. Both graduated in 1996 and moved to New York City.

The history of jazz is filled with a number of famous siblings, among them Johnny and Baby Dodds, Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, and the brothers Heath, Brecker, and Marsalis. With the release of "Two Sides, One Story," which stands as one of the most fully-realized debut recordings to come along in some time, brothers Brad and Elliot Mason are on their way to joining these stellar ranks.

Mason Brothers Web Site:

The Mason Brothers live in the studio, recording "Two Sides, One Story":

R.I.P.: Jonas Silva

(born in 1928, in Gravatá, Pernambuco, Brazil;
died October 17, 2010, in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil)

Composer, singer and record executive, Jonas Silva worked in the Mocambo label and later founded his own company, Imagem.

When João Gilberto arrived in Rio, in 1950, from his native small town of Juazeiro (Bahia), he replaced Jonas Silva in the Garotos da Lua vocal group (the Brazilian version of the Pied Pipers). The reason alleged, by his own colleagues, to quit Silva: his voice was very soft, and he used to sing very low. Now you can imagine how they felt when the guy chosen to replace Silva appeared singing even lower and softer! Anyway, they kept Gilberto in the group until 1952, performing regularly at the Tupi Radio and recording some 78rpms.

Jonas Silva’s solo career never launched, but he recorded some singles for various labels, including a cult EP in 1959 with revered versions of Jobim’s “A Felicidade” and Johnny Alf’s “Rapaz de Bem”. Later he moved to the other side of the business, founding Imagem, the first independent Brazilian label specialized in jazz. One of Silva’s own compositions, “Rosinha”, always fascinated João Gilberto, who often played it when among friends, after listening to a demo recorded by Silva in 1954. Then, 36 years later, Gilberto decided to do the first commercial recording ever of “Rosinha”, a saucy tune enlightened by Clare Fischer’s delightfully syncopated arrangement, clearly influenced by Nestor Campos’ scores from the early Fifties.

Spiritual Events this week in the LA Area

Spiritual Events this week in the LA Area:;
For Full Details:;
* Shamanic Energy Healing & Reiki Clinic
* Reiki,Level One
* Reiki Level 2
* Feminine Energy Circle
* "Cleaning the Windshield" - of your life
For Full Details:;

* 'The Wonders' Answer Your Questions
For Full Details:;

* Conscious Life Expo
* LIFEChanges LIVE!
* Book Signing with Dr. Kathryn Weston “Take Charge! A Pocket Guide for Coping with Life”
* Usui Reiki Level I
* psychic kids workshop with Wendy Allamby
* Success & Abundance with the Angels
* Compassionate Communication
* Los Angeles Premiere of the Glow Project Movie to Benefit Homeless Women
* Ascension 2012 Panel
* Channeling With The Masters
* how to get published with donna sozio
* The Artist's Way Workshop
* Your Journey to INNER PEACE
* Heart Centered Communication
* Special Ceremony with Crystal Skull Activation
* Ignite Your Fire: Utilizing Ashtanga Yoga and the Neurobiology of Change - An Introduction
* Eckankar Book Discussion Group "Art of Spiritual Dreaming"
* Shamanic Energy Healing & Reiki Clinic
* The First Key Lecture and Book Signing
* Advanced Intuitive Guide Workshop
For Full Details:;

* Byron Katie - Inquiry Circle
* Past Life / Hypnotherapy Circle
For Full Details:;

* Adronis, the multi-dimensional mentor,
* Sunday Celebration Services
* Exercising Your Sixth Sense
* My Body, My Life

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Underworld Ticket Giveaway

Underworld have just released their eighth full-length, "Barking," and are performing at the Roseland on Wednesday, October 27. Other Music has a pair of tickets to see these electronica luminaries, and all you have to do to enter is email They'll notify the winner this Friday.

Wednesday, October 27
Roseland Ballroom
239 West 52nd Street

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Got a phone?"

Hello Arnaldo --

According to our files, you are currently leaving in California's 30th Congressional District, and the phone number registered in our records is (213) 654-3548.

There's something we all need to do. Please click this link -- right now.

A person's name and phone number are going to come up on the screen. You'll see where this person's from -- it'll likely be a town somewhere in your state -- and how old they are.

Right now, all across the country, thousands of us are doing what you just did. Then, we're picking up our phones, and we're dialing the number beneath the name. And then -- along with those reaching out to folks from the doorsteps and the sidewalks -- we're starting a conversation. It's incredibly powerful.

We're calling today "Change by the Million" -- because we know this is absolutely the most effective way we can reach people. And together, we'll reach out to folks 1 million times before the day ends. But to do that, we all have to pitch in.

Click here to make 20 calls right now.

At first, the name that appears is just that -- letters on a screen. Look harder.

This person could be a college student who voted for the first time in 2008 -- and has lost interest since then. Not currently planning on making it to the polls in 17 days.

It might be a single mom who isn't sure if she'll have time to get out of work, pick up her kids from school, and still make it to her polling location on Election Day. No one's really talked to her about why it's worth it.

Maybe it's an electrical worker who recently lost his job. He voted for President Obama -- but hasn't been feeling engaged the past year. He's frustrated -- and no one's really talked to him about why his vote matters.

Right now, you can be the person who makes sure each of them is committed to vote. You can be the person who reminds them why their vote matters. And you can be the person who ensures that they're standing in line at the polls on November 2nd.

The votes may be counted on Election Day -- but that's not when elections are won. They're won right here, on days like today -- with conversations on doorsteps and on the phones. Conversations like the one you're about to have. Conversations that determine who shows up at the polls -- and who stays at home.

So, please -- don't linger on the sidelines. Don't take a pass and assume there might be a better time you can pitch in, or another way you can be effective.

This is the best time -- and this is the best way.

So jump on the phone -- there's someone who needs to hear from you.

Click here to meet them:

See you out there,
Natalie Foster
New Media Director

P.S. -- Tomorrow, the First Lady and the President will be leading a rally together in Columbus, Ohio. You can watch live here. The rally begins at 6 p.m., and the President and First Lady are speaking at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

Top Secret Halloween Party in NY, Oct 30

TOP SECRET Halloween Party in NYC (Open Bar)
Saturday, Oct 30, 8pm-4am 30
Undisclosed Location
Presented by Secret Parties in NYC

Make sure you RSVP at

Mischief Night 2010
Times Square NYC

Celebrate New York's favorite holiday and dance all night at the OPEN BAR TOP SECRET Halloween Party in Times Square NYC! This costume party going to be so off the hook we aren't even going to tell you where it is!

For 2010 we are taking Halloween to the next level at a an incredible party in the heart of New York City. And yes you heard it right - OPEN BAR - that means you can drink all night and only pay admission. The place is like a maze, there are over 8 rooms and incredible DJ's on the way.

Our TOP SECRET party venue is absolutely huge. It is over 70,000 square feet with many rooms and a crazy layout that will be super fun to explore.

The 2009 TOP SECRET Halloween Party was incredible and this year will be even better with fun costumes, drink specials, beautiful people, and infectious music by world class DJ's. The 1800+ people who attended last years party had an unforgettable Halloween experience.

This party is 21+ and COSTUMES ARE REQUIRED. Ladies! Your sexiest costumes are encouraged!

The TOP SECRET Halloween Party is an exclusive event at an undisclosed location in New York City. Because of the private nature of our TOP SECRET events, we give our guests a meeting location and secret password. Guests will go to the meeting location on the event date/time and will find our hostess wearing a bright colored bandanna on her arm. Once our hostess is told the secret password, she escorts guests to the party location in groups of 5 or 10.

The TOP SECRET Meeting Location is:
311 W 43rd St
New York, NY 10036-6413

Right outside of the Halloween Store.
The hostess will escort you to the party which is less than 1 block away when you arrive.

Purchase Tickets and invite intimate friends interested in an extraordinary affair of mischievous musical madness and mayhem.
Many thx to my "beyond words top secret friend" Monica Grace for the invitation.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Joe Biden: "Thanks, Arnaldo"


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

I know many of you are volunteering for this campaign, giving time that is hard to come by. I know you're also giving what you can afford to fuel our work, even though that's also hard for so many.

But you believe in what the President is trying to do to move this country forward.

And we believe in you.

Thank you again,
Joe Biden"

Anna Mjoll back @ Charlie O's, tonite

Win tix to a "Strange Powers" screening in NY

An exhibition in conjunction with the theatrical release of the documentary film Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields, featuring photographs by Gail O'Hara, Emma Straub for M+E and TMF's guitarist-banjoist John Woo, among others. All Magnetic Fields-related items will be on sale.
OTHER MUSIC: 15 East 4th Street, NYC
Ten years in the making, "Strange Powers" explores Stephin Merritt's songwriting and recording process, and focuses on his relationships with his bandmates and longtime manager Claudia Gonson, revealing an artist who has produced one of the most engaging and confounding bodies of work in the contemporary American songbook.

The film opens on Wednesday, October 27 in New York City at the Film Forum (209 W. Houston), with special in-person appearances by Stephin Merritt and Claudia Gonson, as well as Directors Kerthy Fix and Gail O'Hara at the 8:10PM screenings on October 27th and 29th. Tickets will be available on-line starting October 20th.

You can also enter to win a pair of passes that are good for almost all of the showings (except the 8:10PM screenings on the 27th and 29th) by emailing They'll notify the 10 winners on Friday, October 22nd.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Season Closing Parties in Vegas!

It's been an unbelievable summer but the time has come to wrap it up as the season concludes once again.
But before it does, we have two last must attend events of the summer!
It’s the end of the 2010 pool season and the Aria Casino just wants to say thanks and “drink up” with the awesome sounds of the best DJs in Vegas. Thanks for making this summer so awesome and let’s have one for the road until next year!

Tonight, October 14, the "2010 Season Closing Party" @ Liquid Pool Lounge, the ultimate in poolside opulence, defined by its distinctive contemporary ambience and ultra VIP service. Poolside music sets a lively mood as guests enjoy the exclusivity and seclusion provided by towering palms. Two luxury VIP pools create a tempting cool oasis from the hot Vegas sun. The 50 seat Liquid restaurant offers pool side dining and a light-hearted menu from executive Chef Brian Massie. Liquid is the ideal venue choice for those seeking luxury in a modern tropical retreat.

Upon arrival, guests can sink into one of Liquid’s 8 grand private cabanas, each of which is equipped with a 40” flat screen TV and mini fridge. The sprawling cabanas can be split up and separated into as many as sixteen single cabanas for more intimate groups. Those seeking a more integrated experience can relax on one of the 85 chaise lounges or 35 day beds that line the 1,200 square-foot main pool. The entire 16,000 square foot property is internet-ready, and boasts hand-crafted wicker furniture designed by Janus Et Cie.

Venue Specifications
•16,000 square feet
•Three Luxury Pools
•Full Service Bar & Restaurant
•State-of-the-Art Sound System
•DJ Service
•Lounge in luxury on your choice
◦Poolside Daybeds
◦Chaise Lounge Chairs
◦Grand Cabanas
•40” Plasmas

Then...On Monday, October 18, Bare Pool says goodbye to the 2010 season with it's 4th Annual Drink Bare Dry closing party. All locals and invited guests will enjoy an open bar ALL day with a collaboration of poolside sounds by residents DJ Karma, David Christian, Epic One, Que, Forbes, Ikon, Jon Pearce and RPS. This will be Bare's last day of operation for the year, so please help us wrap it up with a bang!

We look forward to seeing you all at the closing party, and in the next season to come, keeping Liquid and Bare amongst the most desired pool scenes in Las Vegas.

Aria Hotel & Casino City Center
The Light Group
702.693.8300│702.693.8310 │702.340.7533 cell
6276 S. Rainbow Ste. 120 Las Vegas, NV 89118

Win tix to Torche @ Webster Hall, Oct 24

This Sunday, October 24th, Miami's Torche will be making a stop at NYC's Webster Hall in support of their brand new album Songs for Singles, along with High on Fire and Kylesa. Fans of all things heavy will not want to miss this one and Other Music has a pair of tickets to give away! Just email and they'll pick a winner this Friday.

125 East 11th Street, NYC

Avey Tare listening party & record signing

This just in! Next Wednesday, October 20th, Other Music is throwing a listening party for "Down There," the new solo album from Animal Collective's Avey Tare, which comes out the following week, Tuesday, October 25th, on Paw Tracks. Not only will they be playing the record in the shop from 5 to 7pm and serving up some refreshments, Avey Tare himself will be there to meet fans and sign vinyl copies of his new album, which they'll have early for sale that night. So come on by after work or on your way to a CMJ showcase, it's going to be a blast!

15 East 4th Street NYC
5PM-7PM Free Admission Limited Capacity

Sassy Thursdays with DJ Hana @ SAS Lounge

SASSY Thursdays with DJ Hana @ SAS Martini Lounge, Oct 14, 11pm-4an
1814 Harrison St.,
Hollywood, Florida 33020

Ladies drink free all night long!
(DJ Hana in action @ SAS)

Monday: California voter registration deadline

"Arnaldo --

According to our records, you live in California -- and there's a crucial deadline approaching there. You have just three days left to register to vote if you're planning to mail it in -- your registration must be postmarked by this Monday, October 18th.

If there has been any change in your status or eligibility since the last election -- did you move? change your name? turn 18? -- you likely need to register in order to cast a ballot this fall.

We've got all the information you'll need about how to register at our voting information site,

Registering by mail is a very easy process -- but it's absolutely essential that you do it by Monday, October 18th, in order to cast your vote this year.

Confirm your eligibility to vote, and register if you haven't yet done so:


Jeremy Bird
Deputy Director - "Organizing for America"
A project of the Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol Street SE,
Washington, D.C. 20003

Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho & Maria Creuza: "Toque do Brasil" released today in Europe

Released today in Europe by the Italian label Halidon!

Monday, October 11, 2010

R.I.P.: Albertina Walker

(born August 29, 1929, in Chicago, USA;
died October 8, 2010, in Chicago, USA)

Gospel legend Albertina Walker has passed away. Per the Chicago Tribune “Albertina Walker, the Grammy-winning vocalist known around the world as the “Queen of Gospel” who helped launch some of the biggest names in traditional gospel through her vocal ensemble, the Caravans, has died. She was 81.
Walker died of respiratory complications Friday morning at RML Specialty Hospital in Chicago.” An amazing and charismatic vocalist, Albertina has left her definitive mark on gospel music.
She won a Grammy in 1995 for "Songs of the Church: Live in Memphis," and the following year she co-produced the debut solo album of Faith Howard ("He's Got Everything"), which became the last CD issued in the USA on CTI's subsidiary label Salvation Records, headed by legendary jazz producer Creed Taylor.

Memorial services have been set for gospel music great Albertina Walker, who died Friday in a Chicago hospital from respiratory complications. She was 81.
Visitation will be held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST, on Thursday at West Point Baptist Church on South Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago, followed by a musical celebration at 7 p.m. at Apostolic Church of God on South Dorchester Avenue.

On Friday, there will be visitation at 10 a.m. CST, followed by a service at 11 a.m. at West Point Baptist Church.

President Barack Obama released the following statement Sunday regarding Walker's death:

"Michelle and I are saddened by the passing of gospel great Albertina Walker. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, she started singing in her church youth choir at just 4 years old where she learned to spread the 'Good News' through song. She also performed before President Bill Clinton and was honored at the White House by President George W. Bush for her contributions to Gospel music. And she never forgot to give back, impacting her community through the Albertina Walker Scholarship Fund and many other charitable endeavors."

"Ms. Walker's voice and message has touched congregations across the nation," Obama's statement continued. "Though we have lost an American icon, her influence on gospel music will continue for generations. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and the countless lives she touched."

U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) said in a statement that Walker was a voice for the civil rights movement whose voice was "a healing balm to those who struggled for justice."

Albertina Walker dies at 81; Grammy-winning 'Queen of Gospel'
She helped launch some of the biggest names in traditional gospel through her vocal ensemble the Caravans.

Albertina Walker was nominated for multiple Grammy Awards, winning best traditional soul gospel album in 1995 for “Songs of the Church: Live in Memphis.”
By Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune
October 9, 2010

Albertina Walker, the Grammy-winning vocalist known around the world as the "Queen of Gospel" who helped launch some of the biggest names in traditional gospel through her vocal ensemble the Caravans, has died. She was 81.

Walker died of respiratory complications Friday morning at RML Specialty Hospital in Chicago, said Pam Morris, who coordinated the Chicago Gospel Music Festival for 20 years through 2009.
The singer had been hospitalized since Aug. 29, her 81st birthday, having long suffered from emphysema.

Gospel music icons such as Inez Andrews, Shirley Caesar, James Cleveland, Bessie Griffin and Dorothy Norwood established their careers in the Caravans, who achieved wide fame in the late 1950s, headlining at Carnegie Hall and other high-profile venues.

Through the Caravans, Walker popularized the music she heard growing up on the South Side of Chicago; and the celebrated ensemble in turn made her a legend.

"She was the star-maker," said Norwood, who joined the Caravans in 1954. "She was a great singer — one of the greatest."

Walker played her last major performance in June with a reunited version of the Caravans at the Chicago Gospel Music Festival.

The youngest of nine children, Walker was born in Chicago and reared in the heart of Bronzeville, where generations of African Americans converged during the Great Migration. The vast demographic wave made the South Side an epicenter of jazz, blues and gospel, with Walker — and countless others like her — absorbing black cultural traditions through prayer.

"I grew up going to church," Walker said in 1993. She heard the greatest singer in gospel history, Mahalia Jackson; the founder of modern gospel music, Thomas A. Dorsey; and choirs of such magnificence as to persuade her to pursue the music as her life.

She learned early on that the pay would be slight, or nonexistent. Nevertheless, Walker flourished in Chicago gospel singer Robert Anderson's group, taking over the ensemble when he retired and christening it the Caravans (because "we had people from Gary, East Chicago, South Side, West Side, all over," she said in 2003).

By the mid-1950s, the Caravans began to acquire a national following, setting a new standard for female gospel singing. Never before had so many women who towered as soloists met up in a single ensemble.

Yet it was Walker's decision to yield the spotlight to her charges that propelled these careers.

By the late 1960s, Walker was married and retired from touring, but she eventually returned to the road, singing and recording prolifically. She was nominated for multiple Grammy Awards, winning best traditional soul gospel album in 1995 for "Songs of the Church: Live in Memphis."

"The Lord lets me sing," she told the Chicago Tribune in 2004. "The only time I'll stop is when the Lord says."

Don Sebesky interviewed by Jason Crane

(Don Sebesky & Ron Carter in 1973, during the heyday of their CTI years)

Don Sebesky is Jason Crane's guest today on "The Jazz Session" show, talking about the 4-CD box set "CTI Records: The Cool Revolution," recently released by Sony Masterworks.
Listen here:

TJS #207: Don Sebesky (CTI Records). Grammy and Tony award winner Don Sebesky wrote and arranged music for many of the classic CTI recordings. You can hear his work on a new boxed set, CTI: The Cool Revolution (Sony Masterworks, 2010). In this interview, Sebesky talks about how CTI got started and how it developed its signature sound; his experience working with Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, Paul Desmond, Grover Washington, Jr. and many others; and why he still considers his time at CTI one of the best periods of his musical career.

Jason Crane's first book of poems, "Unexepected Sunlight" (FootHills Publishing, 2010), is now available at


at this time of year
the sun can't make up its mind
holding off the night like a spurned lover

confused bees circle the petals
of flowers that reach for the dusky sky
pining for light

this is the season when all lovers tremble
when every park bench is an altar
and hearts are laid bare for the taking
This week on the show: Don Sebesky (TJS #207, Monday) and Blue Cranes (TJS #208, Thursday).
Next week: Danilo Perez (TJS #209, Monday) and Mario Pavone (TJS #210, Thursday).

CD of the Week - "Domenic Landolf: New Brighton"

CD of the Week
Domenic Landolf: "New Brighton" (Pirouet) 2010

Produced by Jason Seizer
Featuring: Domenic Landolf (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, alto flute), Patrice Moret (acoustic bass) & Dejan Terzic (drums, glockenspiel)

Storm Chaser
Les Bouts du Monde
Calling the Spirits
Cho Oyu
Enchanted Beans
New Brighton
The Beatles Go East
My Old Flame

Domenic Landorf - a wide-ranging instrumentalist - presents music of riveting beauty and a piano-less trio that plays with intimate intensity. Thirteen pieces that hold the listener spellbound. Magical moments appear out of thin air. Captivating moments with a quirky magic that enchants the listener and holds him spellbound. Besides the creative originals, there's a respectful short take on the standard ballad "My Old Flame."

Musician, composer, and conservatory professor Domenic Landorf was born in Bern, Switzerland in 1969. From 1988 to 1992 he studied at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern under the Swiss saxophonist Andy Scherrer. He also plays in Scherrer's sextet. Landorf is counted among the "Swiss jazz elite". Along with saxophone, he plays clarinet, bass clarinet, and flute. His debut CD as a leader on Pirouet, "Wanderlust," was released in 2003 and included Jean-Paul Brodbeck on piano and Fender-Rhodes, Fabian Gisler on bass, and Dominic Egli on drums. His second Pirouet CD, "New Brighton," in trio with bassist Patrice Moret and drummer Dejan Terzic, is now available. Domenic Landorf teaches saxophone at the Basel Music Academy. He has lived in Basel since 1995.

Spiritual Events this week in the LA area

Spiritual Events this week in the LA Area

For Full Details:;

* Reiki Circle
* Reiki,Level One
For Full Details:;

* Victorian Glass Seance Group
* Full Moon Astrology Talk & Ritual
* Module: Feng Shui Basics
* Reconnective Kids! event with Holly Hawkins
* Reiki I (CE) 1st Level Class in the Usui Method of Healing
* Book Signing and Presentation w/ Dr. Tamara Martynova “ZY QiGong”
* Module 2: Form and Shape
* Channeling w/ The Wonders
* Reiki Healer - Reiki Level I - Full Day Workshop
* Healing Demonstration - Now Healing 101
* Intro to Tarot workshop with Marcella Kroll
* Chanting with Cooper, Sheela and friends
* "Journaling for Self-Empowerment" workshop with Ila Sender
* The Artist's Way Workshop
* CYH-Alternative Health Networking Mixer
* Theta Manifesting Night
* Ask a Medical Intuitive Series
* Workshop w/ Anna Jacobs "Manifesting with the Angels"
* "Past Lives, Dreams & Soul Travel"
* Drumming Circle
* Energy Compatibility in Your Relationships
* Building Wealth With Feng Shui
* Workshop with Greta Hassel "Ignite Your Fire"
* Conscious Life Expo
* Group Channeling Circle for October
* LIFEChanges LIVE!
* Book Signing with Dr. Kathryn Weston “Take Charge! A Pocket Guide for Coping with Life”

For Full Details:;

For Full Details:;
* Special Event: Kabbalah Seminar
* Weekly Meditation Experience

Follow us for daily updates on Twitter:;

Friday, October 8, 2010

Anna Mjoll live @ Baked Potato, this Sunday

Anna Mjöll will be performing @ The Baked Potato (3787 Cahuenga Blvd., Studio City, CA) this Sunday, October 10.
9 and 11PM shows - call (818) 980-1615 for reservations

Anna Mjöll / vocals
Mike Miller / guitar
Steve Hass / drums
Edwin Livingston / bass

Adding songs like "Pannonica," "Freddie Freeloader," "A Night in Tunisia," "Monk's Dream," "Nature Boy" and Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Inutil Paisagem" (singing Aloysio de Oliveira's original Portuguese lyrics) to her impeccable repertoire.

"Icelandic jazz vocalist Anna Mjöll has developed a considerable buzz in L.A, selling out two nights of recent weekend shows at Vibrato. Sunday night finds her backed by her best ensemble yet, this time for a gig at The Baked Potato. The lineup includes Mitchel Forman on keys, Edwin Livingston (Natalie Cole) on bass, Steve Hass (Manhattan Transfer) on drums, and Mike Miller (a veteran of Bette Midler's recent extended run in Las Vegas) on guitar - plan on arriving early for seats on what's likely to be the busiest Sunday night in some time at the Studio City club." -Tom Meek,

Cuban percussion wiz Melena live @ Steamers


Steamers Jazz Club and Cafe
138 W. Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832
Ph: (714) 871-8800
Music is in her blood. Shaped from the rhythms that dance through her veins, Melena Francis Valdes, born in Havana Cuba, has mastered the traditional rhythms that have traveled from Africa to Cuba, to the dance floors of America. Her Afro/Cuban sound is a conversation of me...lodies which she plays with fierce passion, whether on Congas, Timbales, Batas or a range of other percussion instruments. As her musical vision is broad, she combines her talents with those of some of the most accomplished musicians performing today in genres that range from Jazz to Pop.

Melena's formal training began on the drums when she was a teenager. Master percussionist Luis Conte was instrumental in shaping her early development. In 1988, Melena returned to Cuba for the first time since leaving as a child. While in Cuba, Melena studied with the "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba". She has also studied with the legendary percussionists and folklorists Mario Jauregui, Regino Jimenez and Lazaro Ros. This experience gave her a solid foundation, offering her a unique sound which is distinctly her own.

During the years 1989 through 1994, Melena started to sit in with various local Latin groups in Los Angeles. Papo Conga was a most essential and important mentor. He first hired her on Congas and later on timbales giving her the opportunity to develop her skills as a percussionist. In 1995, Melena began to work with the late Kenny Kirkland and Jeff "Tain" Watts in a band designed to feature her abilities and that of bassist Nedra Wheeler. This era proved to be a turning point in that it challenged her desire to reach for greater dimensions and expand her percussion abilities in a jazz setting. In the following year, Melena would be found on a world tour with Barry White, which continued for two years.

In August of 1997, Melena returned to Cuba to continue her studies for six months. Her stay in Cuba afforded her the privilege of studying with Roberto Vizcaino Guillot, Miguel "Anga" Diaz, Jose Miguel Melendez and with Master percussionists of Conjunto Clave y Guaguanco. Upon returning from Cuba, Melena recorded a PBS special with John Tesh in Europe called, "One World". From there she toured with Pop/R&B vocalist Macy Gray followed by Julio Iglesias.

In the fall of 2000, Melena returned to Cuba for the third time. This time she traveled to Matanzas and focused her studies on bata drums with Master Daniel Herrera. In Havana she studied congas with Yaroldy Abreu and Adel Gonzales, percussionists with Chucho Valdes and Irakere. Jose "Pepe" Espinosa, percussionist with the Afro Cuban All Stars is also a good friend and mentor. She also had the privilege of playing with the group Irakere as well as several of the local Timba groups in Havana.

In May 2002 Melena conducted a clinic and concert performance at the Percussion Festival in San Juan Puerto Rico. Backup musicians for her live performances included Eric Figueroa, piano and musical director of Batacumbele. She also had the opportunity to play with friends like Richie Flores, Paoli Mejias and Javier Oquendo.

In the year 2004 Melena toured internationally with Latin Pop Artist, Chayanne. In 2005, Melena had the wonderful opportunity to perform at the NBA Finals and several live concerts with the legendary Stevie Wonder. Melena was also blessed to share the same stage with her biggest inspiration, Giovanni Hidalgo. Melena performed with her Afro Cuban band at the Ninth Annual Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival in Texas and also conducted a clinic at the Brownsville University. In 2006, Melena recorded with Peru Negro and was a guest musician on a Live DVD recording with Eva Ayllon. In addition, Melena conducted a master class and performance at the 2006 Montreal Drum Festival. In 2008/2009, Melena peformed alongside JC and Tor Dietrichson and gave two Master Classes at the Seattle World Rhythm Festival.

In 2009, Melena was a featured percussionist on the Fox Television Hit "Prison Break" dancing and playing congas alongside actor Amaury Nolasco. Melena is also a featured percussionist with singer/songwriter Janel Parrish, who plays Jade on the Bratz movie.

Her dream is to travel the world and to be a major contributor to the Afro/Cuban music legacy, sharing the richness of this culture with others. Festivals she has performed in the past fronting her own Cuban Jazz Band include: Jazz at Drew, African Village Festival, Latin Music Festival, Puerto Rico Percussion Conservatory, Montreal Drum Festival, Altadena Summer Concert, and more. Melena also conducts workshops and clinics nationally and internationally. She has specialized her studies in the Afro-Cuban tradition and on the Sacred Bata Drums and has taught her students the importance of the history and knowledge of Afro-Cuban drumming and language of the Batas. Melena is someone to be recognized as one of the most accomplished and proficient female percussionist in the music community.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Obama: "Did you see Michelle's note?"

Dear Arnaldo:

According to our files, you are currently living in California's 3oth congressional district. November 2nd is a test that will determine our future -- your future, the future for my two daughters, and the future of this country.

But at this crucial moment, our opponents have made it clear they are not willing to move forward.

They want you to believe this election is a referendum on me, or on you -- on anyone but them. They want you to tune out, forget about 2008, and stay home.

But this movement came together because we knew that if we kept fighting, kept working, kept believing -- we could create change, even in the face of incredible odds.

So today I need you to remember why -- in spite of difficulty or uncertainty -- we will always choose to stand and fight. We will never give up.

Earlier this week, Michelle asked you to help us keep going by donating to Organizing for America.

Because a fellow grassroots supporter has pledged to match your donation, right now your $3 will become $6.

It will go twice as far in helping us implement our Vote 2010 strategy -- talking to more voters, making more phone calls, and knocking on more doors in the most ambitious campaign ever run in an election like this.

Will you answer this call by making a $3 donation today?

For the last decade, Republicans in Washington acted on a simple philosophy: cut taxes, mostly for millionaires and billionaires, put blind faith in the market, and let people fend for themselves.

That philosophy failed, and millions of families are still struggling because of that failure of leadership.

But when I came to Washington, my hope -- and the hope of millions of Americans -- was that Republicans would accept my offer to come to the table, to hear all sides of an argument, and work together to move our country forward.

Their leaders had a different plan: Say no, over and over again, to every idea I had in order to better their chances in this election.

One thing became clear: We cannot count on them.

We cannot count on them to do the right thing over the politically expedient thing. We cannot count on them to dig in and help solve the incredibly difficult problems facing this nation.

So make no mistake: This election is a choice.

And corporate special interests have made theirs clear: They're spending hundreds of millions of dollars to elect Republicans who want to return to the policies that favored the wealthy minority -- and set us back as a nation.

But we're here to move America forward.

And because you stood up and said "Yes we can," every single one of you is now a shareholder in our mission to rebuild our country.

Because we didn't walk away when folks said we couldn't win in 2008. We didn't walk away when they said we couldn't overcome the cynics and special interests and finally enact comprehensive health insurance reform.

We didn't walk away because the great blessing and burden of this nation is that we have the power to shape our future.

That's the America I know and believe in. That's why I get up and go to work every day.

And we can't walk away now.

So if you're willing to step up to the plate today, and stay fired up through November 2nd, there's another chapter in the story of this movement, and we're going to write it ourselves -- one phone call, one door knock, one donation at a time.

Please donate $3 today:

Thanks for standing with me,
President Barack Obama