Thursday, October 7, 2010

Obama: "Did you see Michelle's note?"

Dear Arnaldo:

According to our files, you are currently living in California's 3oth congressional district. November 2nd is a test that will determine our future -- your future, the future for my two daughters, and the future of this country.

But at this crucial moment, our opponents have made it clear they are not willing to move forward.

They want you to believe this election is a referendum on me, or on you -- on anyone but them. They want you to tune out, forget about 2008, and stay home.

But this movement came together because we knew that if we kept fighting, kept working, kept believing -- we could create change, even in the face of incredible odds.

So today I need you to remember why -- in spite of difficulty or uncertainty -- we will always choose to stand and fight. We will never give up.

Earlier this week, Michelle asked you to help us keep going by donating to Organizing for America.

Because a fellow grassroots supporter has pledged to match your donation, right now your $3 will become $6.

It will go twice as far in helping us implement our Vote 2010 strategy -- talking to more voters, making more phone calls, and knocking on more doors in the most ambitious campaign ever run in an election like this.

Will you answer this call by making a $3 donation today?

For the last decade, Republicans in Washington acted on a simple philosophy: cut taxes, mostly for millionaires and billionaires, put blind faith in the market, and let people fend for themselves.

That philosophy failed, and millions of families are still struggling because of that failure of leadership.

But when I came to Washington, my hope -- and the hope of millions of Americans -- was that Republicans would accept my offer to come to the table, to hear all sides of an argument, and work together to move our country forward.

Their leaders had a different plan: Say no, over and over again, to every idea I had in order to better their chances in this election.

One thing became clear: We cannot count on them.

We cannot count on them to do the right thing over the politically expedient thing. We cannot count on them to dig in and help solve the incredibly difficult problems facing this nation.

So make no mistake: This election is a choice.

And corporate special interests have made theirs clear: They're spending hundreds of millions of dollars to elect Republicans who want to return to the policies that favored the wealthy minority -- and set us back as a nation.

But we're here to move America forward.

And because you stood up and said "Yes we can," every single one of you is now a shareholder in our mission to rebuild our country.

Because we didn't walk away when folks said we couldn't win in 2008. We didn't walk away when they said we couldn't overcome the cynics and special interests and finally enact comprehensive health insurance reform.

We didn't walk away because the great blessing and burden of this nation is that we have the power to shape our future.

That's the America I know and believe in. That's why I get up and go to work every day.

And we can't walk away now.

So if you're willing to step up to the plate today, and stay fired up through November 2nd, there's another chapter in the story of this movement, and we're going to write it ourselves -- one phone call, one door knock, one donation at a time.

Please donate $3 today:

Thanks for standing with me,
President Barack Obama

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