Saturday, October 16, 2010

Top Secret Halloween Party in NY, Oct 30

TOP SECRET Halloween Party in NYC (Open Bar)
Saturday, Oct 30, 8pm-4am 30
Undisclosed Location
Presented by Secret Parties in NYC

Make sure you RSVP at

Mischief Night 2010
Times Square NYC

Celebrate New York's favorite holiday and dance all night at the OPEN BAR TOP SECRET Halloween Party in Times Square NYC! This costume party going to be so off the hook we aren't even going to tell you where it is!

For 2010 we are taking Halloween to the next level at a an incredible party in the heart of New York City. And yes you heard it right - OPEN BAR - that means you can drink all night and only pay admission. The place is like a maze, there are over 8 rooms and incredible DJ's on the way.

Our TOP SECRET party venue is absolutely huge. It is over 70,000 square feet with many rooms and a crazy layout that will be super fun to explore.

The 2009 TOP SECRET Halloween Party was incredible and this year will be even better with fun costumes, drink specials, beautiful people, and infectious music by world class DJ's. The 1800+ people who attended last years party had an unforgettable Halloween experience.

This party is 21+ and COSTUMES ARE REQUIRED. Ladies! Your sexiest costumes are encouraged!

The TOP SECRET Halloween Party is an exclusive event at an undisclosed location in New York City. Because of the private nature of our TOP SECRET events, we give our guests a meeting location and secret password. Guests will go to the meeting location on the event date/time and will find our hostess wearing a bright colored bandanna on her arm. Once our hostess is told the secret password, she escorts guests to the party location in groups of 5 or 10.

The TOP SECRET Meeting Location is:
311 W 43rd St
New York, NY 10036-6413

Right outside of the Halloween Store.
The hostess will escort you to the party which is less than 1 block away when you arrive.

Purchase Tickets and invite intimate friends interested in an extraordinary affair of mischievous musical madness and mayhem.
Many thx to my "beyond words top secret friend" Monica Grace for the invitation.

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