Monday, March 28, 2011

Ticket Pre-Sale Alert: Diana Krall in Toronto, ON & Valley Center, CA

The following Diana Krall performances have just been announced:

June 19 @ Harrah's Rincon - Open Sky Theater
Valley Center, CA

July 2 @ Rexall Centre at York University
Toronto, ON *with Tony Bennett* Set times: Diana Krall - 8:00 PM / Tony Bennett - 9:20 PM
Pre-Sale tickets for both shows will be available Wednesday, March 30 at 12:00 PM local time:
username: diana
password: krall

LA Jazz Society: This is what our donations fund!

(Charles Owens leads the students in a Jazz March.)

The Los Angeles Jazz Society just completed presenting 90 concerts in 45 elementary schools during the month of February “Black History Month”. Over 23,000 young students clapped, marched, snapped fingers and grooved through interactive jazz concerts presented by some of the finest musicians in Los Angeles.

After 23 years of presenting Jazz in Schools concerts, over 423,000 young students have experienced the Joy of Jazz. They learned about the history of jazz, the different styles and jazz artists, how the musicians relate in the improvisational style of jazz and all about the musical instruments. You can see the look of delight on the faces of the children and teachers tell us “This is an experience they will never forget. Please come back.” And -- with your continued support -- we will!

SAVE the DATE: BILL GREEN MENTORSHIP CONCERT - Sunday, April 17th - 11am at Catalina's Jazz Club in Hollywood - Watch your email for more details!
SAVE THE DATE for the VIBE SUMMIT Sunday, June 26, 2011.

DVD of the Week - "Elizeth Cardoso & Zimbo Trio"

DVD of the Week
"Elizeth Cardoso & Zimbo Trio" (Biscoito Fino/TV Cultura) 1970

Originally conceived as a TV special filmed in 1970 in São Paulo, Brazil. Elizeth and the Zimbo Trio on its first incarnation (Hamilton Godoy, Luiz Chaves & Rubinho Barsott) perform together in most of the numbers. But there are some great instrumental tracks too, played by the Zimbo guys.

A rare gem and an extremely hard-to-find item, with the following tracklist:
1. Canção de Amor
2. Pressentimento
3. De Onde Vens
4. Samba do Perdão
5. O Somho (Zimbo)
6. Zazueira (Zimbo)
7. Derradeira Primavera
8. De Manhã
9. Exaltação à Bahia
10. Pra Você
11. Bocochê (Zimbo)
12. Casa Forte (Zimbo)
13. Eu Disse Adeus
14. Mundo Melhor
15. Apelo
16. Sei Lá, Mangueira
17. Canção de Amor

CD of the Week - "Dennis Rea: Views from Chicheng Precipice"

CD of the Week Dennis Rea: "Views from Chicheng Precipice" (MoonJune)

Rating: ***** (music performance & sound quality)

1. Three Views From Chicheng Precipice (after Bai Juyi) 9:56
2. Tangabata 15:55
3. Kan Hai De Re Zi ("Days by the Sea") 3:41
4. Aviariations on "A Hundred Birds Serenade thePhoenix" 6:51
5. Bagua ("Eight Trigrams") 10:35

DENNIS REA - electric and resonator guitars, melodica, Naxi jaw harp, kalimba, dan bau (Vietnamese monochord)
GREG CAMPBELL - drums, percussion
JAMES DEJOIE - bass flute, bamboo flute, bass clarinet
STUART DEMPSTER - trombone, conch shell
WILL DOWD - drums, percussion
JOHN FALCONER - shakuhachi
JAY JASKOT - drums
PAUL KIKUCHI - percussion

Track 1 composed by Dennis Rea; tracks 2-5 traditional, arranged by Dennis Rea. Recorded between 2006 and 2008 in Seattle. Produced by Dennis Rea.
Total Time: 46:59

Internationally acclaimed for his work with art-rock juggernaut Moraine (MoonJune Records MJR028) and free-jazz provocateurs Iron Kim Style (MJR031), guitarist and composer Dennis Rea presents a completely different but equally compelling facet of his musical personality with his most ambitious release to date, "Views From Chicheng Precipice." A key presence on the Pacific Northwest creative music scene for decades, Dennis Rea was also a pioneer in introducing modern jazz, adventurous rock, and experimental music to Chinese audiences, as detailed in his book "Live at the Forbidden City: Musical Encounters in China and Taiwan." While living in both locales from 1989 to 1993 and on subsequent concert tours and travels, Rea became deeply enamored of the traditional music of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

"Views from Chicheng Precipice" is Rea’s homage to the music of East Asia, a collection of uniquely personalized interpretations of traditional pieces and original Asian-inspired works, performed by some of the Pacific Northwest’s most renowned instrumentalists, including trombone avatar Stuart Dempster and koto master Elizabeth Falconer. Blending striking arrangements of ancient and contemporary themes with sonic experimentation and expansive improvisation, "Views from Chicheng Precipice" is at once boldly unorthodox in its choice of instrumentation and treatment of traditional musical material, and warmly respectful of its sources. The result is a sonorous and surprising listening experience that goes far beyond typical attempts at ‘East-West fusion.’

“In formulating these arrangements of some of my favorite Chinese, Taiwanese, and East Asian ethnic minority pieces, I sometimes chose to honor traditional formal constraints, e.g., limiting improvisers to a particular set of scale tones, or eschewing the use of Western-style functional harmony," Dennis says. "In other cases I threw custom to the winds—harmonizing passages, employing atypical instrumentation, and incorporating noise, chromaticism, free improvisation, and amplification—while striving to remain faithful to the spirit of my models. The project is my ‘love letter’ to a part of the world that has enriched my life immeasurably, musically and otherwise.”

Dennis Rea's adventurous guitar playing blends modern jazz, creative rock, experimental music, and world musical traditions into an approach that is uniquely his own, marked by haunting lyricism, enigmatic textures, agile improvisation, and the raw dynamism of rock. Over the years he has led or been a key contributor to such innovative groups as Moraine, Land (with Jeff Greinke), Stackpole, Iron Kim Style, Savant (with K. Leimer), Earthstar (produced by Klaus Schulze), Identity Crisis, and Ting Bu Dong.

He has performed or recorded with such prominent creative musicians as acclaimed French composer Hector Zazou, Dutch jazz legend Han Bennink, trombone virtuoso Stuart Dempster, and godfather of Chinese rock Cui Jian, as well as with members of King Crimson, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Ministry, and the Sun Ra Arkestra. He has collaborated with many of the most important figures in contemporary Chinese music and was one of the first Western musicians to record an album for the state-owned China Record Company. Artist website:

DJ Hana's Birthday Celebration @ Kitchen 305, March 30

This Wednesday, March 30th, Goddess Wednesdays celebrates the beautiful DJ Hana's Birthday!!! Live Dinner Show featuring performances by Charlie Roc and, of course, DJ Hana! Kitchen 305 16701 Collins Ave. Sunny Isles, FL Ph: (305) 749-2110 Dinner Party 8pm *Dinner Special* All-U-Can-Eat Lobster for $35 (Includes soup or salad and 2 sides) Ladies Eat FREE 10-11:30pm with reservations Ladies drink FREE 9-11pm

Fun, Happy, Uptempo Songs Needed for Car Brand TV Spot

Below is a special opportunity that we wanted to give you a heads up about. Just got the word about this project today, and TAXI Music needs the music by 09:00 PDT AM on Wednesday March 30, 2011. You can find this listing under the Pop (Film & TV) genre in the Submit Music section of your hosting site.

Major NY Ad Agency has an URGENT need for a HIP (big surprise) FUN, HAPPY, SOMEWHAT QUIRKY, UPTEMPO, INDIE SOUNDING, STRIPPED-DOWN SONG for a HUGE U.S. AUTO BRAND'S TV Spot. They've referenced these songs/tracks:

READ THIS CAREFULLY! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE COPY OR RIP OFF ANY PART OF THESE REF TRACKS. Use them ONLY to get an idea of what has appealed to the agency so far and look for commonality; tempo, vibe, quirkiness factor, attitude, vocal style, sonic texture, etc. and try to nail that overall quality in YOUR song.

Quoting the agency, the spot will be "Voice Over heavy like all retail spots but we're open to lyrics. Some key words could be numbers, count on me, countdown, #1, springtime, etc." Our advice: Don't try to include ALL of those keywords or make your lyric too "on the nose." In other words, a mention or two would be cool, but don't go overboard. Hand claps? Couldn't hurt! Finger snaps? Might be cool. Any sort of catchy rhythmic thing seems to be in order for this.

Basic and not over-produced? Definitely! MALE or FEMALE VOCALS ARE BOTH OKAY. SUBMIT A SONG WITH LYRICS, but know that they'll probably come back to you for an instrumental version at a late r date if you land this gig. SHORT intros, easy-to-edit songs, and buttoned endings are recommended. BTW, DO NOT title your track the way you would for a music library on this submission.

Give it a cool Indie sounding name-agencies like that. No Publisher Splits. YOU'LL KEEP 100% OF THE INCOME. Broadcast Quality Tracks needed (great sounding home recordings are fine). You MUST own or control 100% of the Master and Composition rights. All submissions will be screened on a Yes/No basis. If your music is selected, the company will contact you directly. Submissions must be received no later than TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 30th at 9:00am (PDT). TAXI# Y110330AB

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mika Yoshida, Steve Gadd & Richard Stoltzman perform for Japan fundraiser!

Mika Yoshida with Steve Gadd & Richard Stoltzman
Benefit Concert for Japanese Tsunami Relief Thursday
March 31, 7pm-11pm
SFI/Eastlight Studios
21-29 45th Road
Long Island, NY

Please join us for a Japan fundraiser to benefit Doctors Without Borders, who are providing medical services to the Tsunami victims.
Innsbruck artist Mark Kostabi has graciously donated a limited edition print for the art auction and there will be a signed guitar from Mick Jagger, as well!
100% donation! ($20 minimum donation suggested at the door)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Terence Love's B-Day Bash @ Steamers, with Gina Saputo!

This Friday, March 25, at 8:30pm, let's celebrate Terence Love - He's the Man! Owner of Steamers and incredible patron of live music and jazz here in California. Stop by and celebrate with us.

Back from a successful Korean tour, Gina Saputo will perform with Ramon Banda (drums), Dave Miller (bass) & Gary Matsumoto (piano).
Plus special guests, including Larry Salzman, Judy Wexler and many more!

$8 Cover + includes B-day cake ;)

138 W. Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, CA
(714) 871-8800

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holly Zell back @ Steamers, tomorrow!

Wednesday, Mar 23, 8pm-midnight
Holly Zell Jurgensen w/ The Ron Kobayashi Trio (w/ Baba Elefante & Steve Dixon) + special guest Joe Jewell
Steamers Jazz Club and Cafe
138 W. Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832

Ph: (714) 871-8800

Reservations are highly recommended.
No cover, great hummus & free chocolate. All ages!"Jazz-inflected pop sensibilities; sensual, soulful songs: Meet Holly, the single-moniker of singer/songwriter Holly Zell Jurgensen, a Southern California-based artist whose melodic finesse and vocal intimacy are in full bloom on her full-length debut, "Butter & Chocolate." Born in San Clemente, California, Holly graduated from UCLA with a master's degree in music. She has since become a charter member of the Southern California songwriting community - a loose-knit group of friends and collaborators. Listeners might know her from her inclusion in "Women on the Move" (Red Coyote Records), a collection praised as possessing "...a fluidity that is rarely seen in compilation records."

Within the 12 new tracks that constitute "Butter & Chocolate," breezy references to the ocean, tides, and the moon confirm Holly's west coast origins. "I Love This Place," introduces the song suite, with Holly's serene voice floating over chiming acoustic guitars and a rippling piano. Between swelling strings and hypnotic rhythms, "Helplessly in Love," illuminates the intoxication of infatuation as it reinforces a primary theme of the CD - different shades of love.

"There is lost love, there is in love and there is true love," notes Holly. "I want to represent the whole person." Subtle Latin grooves, acoustic guitars and a declaratory chorus of female voices underscore the candid declaration of "I Love Him." With "That Look," the mood is definitively sharpened - as a stinging electric guitar and sly innuendo annotate the flash point of physical attraction. Confirming the theme in her song, "Helplessly In Love," Holly notes, "I'm a helpless romantic -- I like that sense of 'Danielle Steele hotness.'"

"Butter," also celebrates the power of the sensual. "Baby tastes like butter/Simmering sweet and slow," she intones. The album's other delectable bookend, "Chocolate," is a bluesy invitation, with the narrator equating through metaphor how physical desire mirrors a craving for sweets.

But all is not candy coated: The mood transitions into profound shades of blue with the CD's emotional centerpiece, "Over the Rainbow." By appropriating a well-known title, Holly creates a new reflection on an historic metaphor. "You have hope and expectations when you're young," she says. "All of the challenges are there. These lyrics talk about the idea of dreams not coming true, and what do you do then?" Diabetes, autism, cancer and loss -- it is her response to these very human frailties that inspires her art and bonds her to others dealing with similar realities . "Another Day, Another Night," and "I Miss You," both reveal a connection to trial and loss. "When you're sharing authenticity that's art," notes Holly. "I'm not afraid to do that as a songwriter."

A select group of collaborators -- including Nashville/L.A. veteran Warren Sellers, Music City luminary Marc-Alan Barnette (Shelby Lynne, David Ball); the late tunesmith Marty Martin (a prime architect in the Los Angeles "Breakout" songwriters group), and James Grey (Tyrone Wells) and Rascal Flatts/Sara Evans songwriter, Kevin Fisher --worked with Holly on crafting the songs that constitute Butter & Chocolate. Holly co-produced with Randy Emata, whose resume includes marquee artists like Chaka Khan and Aaron Neville.

Holly smiles enigmatically when asked why this project, now. "It is so if someone important, or someone from the music industry asks me, 'Do you have an album?' I'm prepared." Moreover, she concludes with this these thoughts: "I wanted to kill every bird with one stone. To create a vehicle that would act as an introduction to other songwriters and to listeners. But most of all, I needed to pour my heart into the emotions of these songs.

Pics from Zell's previous gig @ Steamers:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Anna Mjoll back @ Charlie O's, March 25

After an acclaimed performance @ Charlie O's last January, followed by sold-out gigs @ Vibrato, one of our favorite vocalists, LA-based Icelandic jazz princess Anna Mjoll will be back @ Charlie O's this next Friday, March 25, at 8pm.
Backed by the infallible John Heard Trio led by the veteran bassist with Roy McCurdy on drums and Andy Langham on piano. Not to be missed.

Charlie O's - March 25, 8pm
13725 Victory Blvd
Valley Glen, CA
Reservations: (818) 994.3058

Some pics from Anna's previous apperance @ Charlie O's on January 21, 2011:

CD of the Week - "Marc Copland: Crosstalk"

CD of the Week
Marc Copland: "Crosstalk" (Pirouet) 2011

**** (musical performance)
***** (sonic quality)

Featuring: Marc Copland (acoustic piano), Doug Weiss (acoustic bass), Victor Lewis (drums) & Greg Osby (alto sax)
Highlights: an amazing rendition of Gigi Gryce's "Minority" (with a truly perfect solo by the leader, which deserved to be transcribed on DownBeat), a somber version of the standard "Tenderley" (with Osby shining on alto) and Copland's own epic title track. For now, considering his performance on this album, Osby has my vote for best alto sax player of the year.

Fascinatingly original - a good description of this quartet's multifaceted musical world throughout this CD, recorded "live" to 2-track by producer/engineer Jason Seizer @ (Tony) Bennett Studios in New Jersey, on December 4 & 5, 2010. This quartet presides over music of great depth and intensity and at the same time makes it all seem breathtakingly easy and clear.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

All Star Female DJs @ Mynt, March 24

(click on the image to enlarge it)

All Star Female DJs: Tatiana Fontes, Miss Nine, & Ale Rauen at Mynt
Thursday, March 24, 11:300pm-5am
Mynt Lounge
1921 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL
Ph: (305) 532-0727

The sexiest Miami club brings the sexiest female dj line-up to town. Get your sexy on!Tatiana Fontes:
Born and raised in Florianopolis, Brazil, where her father was a nightclub owner and her brothers were professional DJs, it's no wonder Tatiana took up a serious passion for music so early on in life.

In 2001 after modeling, acting brought her to the Los Angeles, where she would go on to study the craft with top veterans of the biz. With success in her new home of Los Angeles, one would think her life was complete…but it was always her true passion for music that was calling. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for people to take notice of her talent, landing her DJ gigs at the hottest clubs and parties around the world. Her style is a fusion of the 80’s and rock she grew up with, along with the house and electronic music.
Miss Nine:Not only has she been able to outshine and make her presence known in a male dominated industry, but she has done so all within five years of picking up a record. With her eclectic taste in music, ranging from energetic grooves with plenty of vocals to a deeper, progressive sound, Miss Nine is sure to turn heads and move feet any where she performs.

At 16 also a model she longed for more, her passion for music led Kristin to move to Amsterdam where she dubbed herself Miss Nine and began pursuing a career in the electronic industry.

Miss Nine performs around the world, spinning at clubs such as Pacha in Ibiza, Space in Miami, Avalon in LA, Mansion in New York, Warung in Brazil, and Ministry of Sound in London. She’s the first female to mix a compilation for Washington-based Yoshitoshi Recordings, the world-renowned leader in progressive and big-room house music. The highly anticipated Yoshitoshi Ibiza mixed by Miss Nine (YRCDLP15) was released in September 2006.
Ale Rauen:Her career started in 2005, and now Ale Rauen has become one of Brasil's most significant female names when we talk about electronic music.

Constantly learning and renovating herself, Ale tries to be in sync with her public, always considering the natural evolution of house music and its different styles. To get there is the result of lots of work and dedication, but to stay between the bests is a bigger and harder challenge, taken as a goal by the dj.

This year, she's already played in Ministry On Board and Carnaval in Salvador, next to big international names. She also was in an interview for VIP magazine.
If there's one club on Miami Beach synonymous with exclusivity, it is Mynt Lounge. During its seven-year reign the definitive Über lounge on the 2100 block of Collins has earned a reputation for the tightest door policy and most fabulous crowd in the Magic City.

The list of celebrities that have passed through Mynt's doors would fill a dozen Rolodexes, but serial offenders include Ricky Martin, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn, Jennifer Lopez, Giselle Bundchen, Colin Farrell, and Jamie

Add to these boldface names the hordes of models, designers, fashionistas, top DJs, scene-makers, and high rollers, and you understand why Mynt's velvet rope has long been the highest hurdle in Miami Beach nightlife.

In order to maintain its blue-chip status, Mynt demands elegance, chic, and a winning smile of its patrons. "Those are the minimum requirements," says owner Romain Zago. "Mynt is for the famous and fabulous."

As for the paparazzi, Mynt enforces a strict rule: no entry. "Mynt is where celebrities come to escape the paparazzi," explains Zago. "They come here to party and have fun without being hassled." Most clubs let photographers stalk their A-list guests in the hope of some publicity, he explains, but Mynt doesn't need cheap exposure. "We know that great people will come anyway - the famous and the fabulous - so we prefer to maintain that aura of exclusivity.

Another distinguishing factor: Mynt never rests on its laurels. Mynt is completely refitted every summer, from carpets to light fittings, including new furniture and furnishings. Its latest renovation cost $1.2 million - a sum that none of its so-called rivals would dream of investing. But that's why Mynt maintains its reputation as the ultimate high-end, luxury-service nightspot.
"We have a simple but radical philosophy," explains Romain Zago. "The customer is the star. We never forget that without the paying customer, nobody has a job - and that includes the entire team, from waitresses to managers."

DJ Hana @ Sushi House, in Miami, tonite!

But, if you are in Florida can't wait till Thursday, don't miss DJ Hana tonight @ Sushi House!
Saturday night party at Sushi House, North Miami Beach, from 9.30 pm ;-), nice atmosfere with beautiful people around and the best sushi in town.

Sushi House
15911 Biscayne Boulevard
North Miami Beach, FL 33160

The restaurant serves dinner Saturday from 5:30pm to Reservations are recommended, please call 305.947 6002

Sushi House, located on the border of bustling Aventura and North Miami celebrates its fourth anniversary as one of the community�s top casual dining restaurants. The sleek and sensually designed eatery specializing in modern sushi and Pan-Asian cuisine raises the bar on Asian-fusion fare. Sushi House recently introduced both happy hour and late night menus in celebration of their fourth anniversary as a neighborhood favorite. The new happy hour menu is available from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm and the late night menu is available after 10:30 pm Sunday - Thursday and after 11:30pm on Friday and Saturday.

Dressed in chic whites and silvers offset by blue lighting, Sushi House�s d�cor is as fashionable as its patrons. Guests are greeted with a drape of sheer curtains which hang amongst elaborate crystal chandeliers. Seating includes an expansive communal table composed of white marble and dramatically high aluminum chairs. For more intimate dining, Sushi House offers smaller tables, some nestled in private nooks. Sushi bar seating is also available for those who prefer a meal with a view.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quincy Jones Presents: Alfredo Rodriguez's West Coast Tour, March 19-24

Quincy Jones Productions presents: The Alfredo Rodriguez Trio "West Coast Tour" w/Ricardo Rodriguez & Henry Cole

Saturday, March 19, 2011
San Jose Jazz Winter
Club Regent at the Fairmont

San Jose, CA

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Vibrato Grill Jazz
7:30pm or 9pm
Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, March 23 2011
Yoshi's Jazz Club
8pm or 10pm
San Francisco, CA

Thursday, March 24 2011
Kuumbwa Jazz
Santa Cruz, CA

For more information, visit

Born in Havana, Cuba, Alfredo trained at the famous Manuel Saumell Classical Music Conservatory, then at the Amadeo Roldan Music Conservatory and subsequently at the Instituto Superior de Arte. His lucky break came in 2006 when he was selected as one of twelve pianists from around the world to play at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival. In Montreux, Alfredo struck a chord in legendary music producer Quincy Jones who noticed Alfredo’s immense talent and decided to begin working with Alfredo. In January of 2009 Alfredo made the difficult decision to leave his family and country behind and embark on a journey to pursue a career in music in the United States.

In his first two years since moving to the United States, Alfredo Rodríguez has played to capacity crowds during the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl; the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas; the Detroit Jazz Festival; the Monterey Jazz Festival; the Newport Jazz Festival; and many others. In July of 2010 Alfredo did his first European Tour with his Trio playing at XVI International Open Air Festival (Poland), Jazz a Vienne Festival (France), North Sea Jazz Festival (Netherlands), Umbria Jazz Festival (Italy), Montreux Jazz festival (Switzerland) and with the Quincy Jones Global Gumbo All Stars, a group featuring the likes of Richard Bona, Lionel Loueke, Paulinho da Costa, Francisco Mela, and Nikki Yanofsky.

He has built an enormous presence in China after co-writing, with Quincy Jones, the song “Better City, Better Life”, which was chosen to be the Official Theme Song of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. He has since played to influential crowds at the 2010 Shangh ai Film Festival and the 2010 Shanghai Tourist Festival.

Alfredo’s debut CD is set to be released in 2011 on Qwest Records with Alfredo’s influences from Bach, Beethoven, and Stravinsky to Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, and Quincy Jones being displayed prominently. In his words, “Everything I learn, in all aspects of my life, contributes to my music.” In the words of Quincy Jones, “He is very special and I do not say that easily because I have been surrounded by the best musicians in the world my entire life and he is one of the best.”

Free St. Patty's Day Party in Beverly Hills Tonite w/ Fashion Show!

March 17, 8pm
Aqua Restaurant and Lounge
424 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA

PETE G Presents

...Get Ready! Get Lucky!
It's The Night to GET GREEN!
...Feeling lucky?
Come to AQUA and find your pot o' gold!
The rainbow hits its mark @ AQUA tonite!!

VIP Saint Patrick's Day Celebration

Now listen my friends and I'll show you the way,
to a fabulous night on St. Patrick's Day.
The magic will flow as you've never seen,
the hue of the night, of course, will be green.
Aqua is the place to party and shout,
come have some fun and let your 'IRISH' out!



Green Beers $4 // Green Shots $5
Any premium bottle (Patron, Grey Goose, Black Label, etc.)
$250 or 2 for $400

FEATURING DJ P-SOL IN THE MIX! Tearing up the dance floor with the best of HIP-HOP, TOP 40'S, ROCK AND HOUSE

Dresscode: Something with green in it.


COME EXPEREIENCE A THURSDAY you won't soon forget!!
Why party somewhere else for St. Patty's Day when you can party at AQUA?
Don't forget to wear your GREEN and party responsibly!
Mention "Pete G's List" @ the door for FREE ENTRY All Night Long! All we ask is that you please dress to impress.

To RSVP Please Text 323.394.3917 (Pete G) or Sign Up Online @

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jim Hall's 80th B-Day Celebration in CA!

Reserve Early, tickets going fast !

SATURDAY, MARCH 26th - One show 9:00 pm
General - $35 / Student Rush - $20

The Jazz Bakery Movable Feast Presents:
Greg Osby - sax / Steve LaSpina - bass / Joey Baron - drums

VENUE: Musicians Institute Concert Hall
1655 N. McCadden Place
Hollywood, CA 90028


The Musicians Institute concert hall is an incredible experience! State of the art sound & huge video screens flanking the stage, creating an intimate view of artists in-the-moment.
KJAZZ 88.1 - official media sponsor.

Scot Alberton & Dr. Joe Utterback live @ Blueberry Music & Art House, March 26

But, if you'll be on the East Coast on March 26, don't miss the great singer Scot Albertson (in an intimate duo setting with pianist Dr. Joe Utterback) performing songs from his latest CD, the lovely "Vibination" @ Blueberry Music & Art House in Greenwich, CT. More details below:

Obama: "Arnaldo, I will not let it happen."

"Dear Arnaldo:

According to our records, you are currently living in California's 30th Congressional District.

President Obama said this week that any budget that sacrifices a commitment to education is a budget that sacrifices our future: "And I will not let it happen."

Here's why he's taking a stand:
The cuts in the House Republican budget to education would be devastating for teachers, students, and families -- costing 55,000 jobs, slashing financial aid for 8 million college kids, and dropping hundreds of thousands from Head Start, an early-education program proven to help low-income children graduate high school.

This week, the House passed another short-term extension of the federal budget that will fund the government through early April -- between now and then, we need to find common ground.

President Obama is committed to commonsense spending cuts that allow us to live within our means without sacrificing key investments that will help us win the future.

With your support today, we can redouble our campaign for a responsible budget as the deadline nears, with OFA volunteers calling lawmakers and hand-delivering petitions to congressional offices.

Together, we'll work to make sure that every family, principal, teacher, and student across the country understands that critical funding for education is at stake -- and what they can do about it.

Please donate $3 or more today to support Organizing for America and fight to protect our investments in education.

House Republicans are proposing reckless cuts that would undo our progress on health reform, prevent the EPA from protecting our air and water, and hurt our economy and job creation.

The cuts are particularly bad for education, and when we're talking about investing in children and schools, we're talking about investing in our future.

If the House Republican budget cuts are adopted:
-- More than 16,000 classrooms would close;
-- 55,000 teachers would lose their jobs;
-- Nearly 200,000 pre-kindergarten children would lose access to Head Start; and
-- More than 8 million college students currently receiving tuition assistance would see their Pell Grants cut.

The budget the President signs must have bipartisan support, but he's made it clear it also must invest in -- not sacrifice -- education.

Anything less is irresponsible and not worthy of our children.

Your support today will ensure all Americans understand what's at stake. We'll stand together and support the President as he tries once again to reach common ground with Republicans.

But we need your help.

Please donate $3 or more to support Organizing for America today:

Thanks for standing up for teachers, kids, and jobs.

Mitch Stewart"
Director - Organizing for America
a project of the Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol Street
SE, Washington, D.C. 20003

The Mike Longo Trio presents "A Tribute to James Moody" in NYC, on March 22

Join us for a special concert paying tribute to the great James Moody with the Mike Longo Trio featuring Paul West (bass) & Ray Mosca (drums) on Tuesday, March 22 at "Jazz Tuesdays" in the Gillespie Auditorium at the New York Baha'i Center at 53 East 11th Street (between University Place & Broadway). There will be two shows at 8:00 and 9:30 p.m. Reservations and Information: 212-222-5159. James Moody was Mike's closest personal friend, as well as a musical mentor. Come and hear stories about their shared experiences on the road over the years, including time spent together on Dizzy's band.

Mike Longo, a Steinway artist, has performed with a list of jazz legends that include saxophone great Cannonball Adderley, Henry Red Allen, Coleman Hawkins, George Wettling, Gene Krupa, Nancy Wilson, Gloria Lynn, Jimmy Witherspoon, Joe Williams, Jimmy Rushing, James Moody, Astrud Gilberto and many others. It was in the mid-60s when Longo’s trio was playing at the Embers West, that Roy Eldridge told Dizzy Gillespie about this new pianist he had heard. Dizzy came to hear him play and soon asked him to become his pianist. This started a life-long musical relationship and friendship.

From 1966 through 1975, Longo worked exclusively as Dizzy’s pianist and musical director. Mike left the Gillespie group officially in 1975 to venture out on his own, but continued to work for Gillespie on a part-time basis until his death in 1993. Since that time Mike has recorded numerous albums and CDs on various labels with some 45 recordings with artists such as Gillespie, James Moody, etc. At present he has over 20 solo albums to his credit. He is sought after as a music instructor and is in demand for jazz clinics and concerts at universities and music schools throughout the world, and has appeared at the Lincoln Center’s new jazz room “Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola.”

Longo is founder and President of Consolidated Artists Productions (CAP), an independent recording label, dedicated to allowing artists to pursue the types of projects that are in line with their career objectives. Longo’s latest venture, Jazz Tuesdays, is dedicated to allowing artists to retain creative control of their work and providing students and the general public with an opportunity to hear “world class jazz at affordable prices.”

Admission is 15.00, $10.00 for students.

Tickets will be sold at the door, or call 212-222-5159 for reservations and information.

Jazz Tuesdays in the John Birks Gillespie Auditorium
The New York Baha'i Center
53 East 11th Street (between University Place & Broadway)

Monday, March 14, 2011

R.I.P.: Joe Morello,0,3123963.story

Joe Morello dies at 82; jazz drummer for Dave Brubeck Quartet
'Drummers worldwide remember Joe as one of the greatest drummers we have known,' Brubeck says. '… His drum solo on "Take Five" is still being heard around the world.'
By Keith Thursby, Los Angeles Times
March 14, 2011
Joe Morello, seen in 1966, was "a drummer’s drummer. You could talk to almost any drummer and he’d probably be on their list of the drummers they admire most,” says jazz critic Don Heckman. (Associated Press / March 12, 2011)

Joe Morello, the jazz drummer best known for his work with the influential Dave Brubeck Quartet on such classic recordings as "Take Five," has died. He was 82.

Morello died Saturday at Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth, N.J., said his wife, Jean. No cause was given.

The quartet, with Brubeck on piano, Paul Desmond on alto saxophone, Eugene Wright on bass and Morello on drums, became successful beginning in the late 1950s exploring unusual time signatures. The album "Time Out," which included "Take Five" with Morello's memorable solo and "Blue Rondo á la Turk," became one of the most popular jazz albums ever.

"Drummers worldwide remember Joe as one of the greatest drummers we have known. He was a good friend," Brubeck said in a statement Sunday. "Many people consider the rhythm section of Eugene Wright and Joe Morello in my quartet as being one of the most consistent, swinging rhythm sections in jazz.... His drum solo on 'Take Five' is still being heard around the world."

Morello told Canada's Kingston Whig-Standard newspaper in 2007: "Someone said that drum solo changed the way people drummed because it was more of an abstract solo. We'd use that to close the concert and always get a standing ovation."

Morello was born July 17, 1928, in Springfield, Mass. His vision impaired since birth, he studied the violin before switching to drums in high school. He moved to New York in the early 1950s and worked briefly with Stan Kenton, among others, before becoming a member of pianist Marian McPartland's trio.

Morello joined Brubeck's quartet in the mid-1950s, turning down offers from the Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey bands.

"Joe was a drummer's drummer. You could talk to almost any drummer and he'd probably be on their list of the drummers they admire most," jazz critic Don Heckman said Sunday. "He played with such sensitivity and accuracy, and he was always a support for what was happening while keeping the rhythm alive."

Heckman called Morello's "Take Five" solo "pretty extraordinary" for its sense of momentum and emotional intensity. Desmond wrote "Take Five" in a then-unusual 5/4 rhythmic meter.

Ed Shaughnessy, a longtime friend who played drums in the "Tonight Show" band for 29 years, told The Times on Sunday that Morello "developed a style of his own and never played in anything but good taste. He was an ardent practicer. And he got great results."

After Brubeck disbanded the group in 1967, Morello continued to play but primarily was a teacher. His students over the years included Max Weinberg, who gained fame playing with Bruce Springsteen and leading talk-show host Conan O'Brien's band.

Weinberg, in an interview with The Times on Sunday, said he started studying with Morello in the late 1970s. "I sought Joe out. He was a drum guru," Weinberg said. "He took me from a very talented amateur to a pro who could field any kind of musical question asked of me."

Morello appeared on more than 120 recordings, according to a biography on his website.

"For us, the guys in the original classic quartet were like our uncles," one of Brubeck's sons, composer and musician Chris Brubeck, told The Times on Sunday. "Joe was able to master all the odd-time signatures that Dave wanted to explore. Just an amazing player."

Morello's wife was his only immediate survivor.
It is with great sadness that we report Joe's passing on March 12, 2011.
His impact on the world of music and on all those whose lives he touched will live forever.

July 17, 1928—March 12, 2011

Joe was born on July 17, 1928, in Springfield, Mass. Having impaired vision since birth, he devoted himself to indoor activities. At the age of six, his family’s encouragement led him to study violin. Three years later, he was featured with the Boston Symphony Orchestra as soloist in the Mendelsohn Violin Concerto. At the age of twelve, he made a second solo appearance with the orchestra. But upon meeting and hearing his idol, the great Jascha Heifetz, Joe felt he could never achieve “that sound”. So, at the age of fifteen, Joe changed the course of his musical endeavors and began to study drums.

Joe’s first drum teacher, Joe Sefcik, was a pit drummer for all the shows in the Springfield area. He was an excellent teacher and gave Joe much encouragement. Joe began sitting in with any group that would allow it. When he was not sitting in, he and his friends, including Teddy Cohen, Chuck Andrus, Hal Sera, Phil Woods and Sal Salvador, would get together and jam in any place they could find. Joe would play any job he was called for. As a result, his musical experiences ranged from rudimental military playing to weddings and social occasions. Eventually, Mr. Sefcik decided it was time for Joe to move on. He recommended a teacher in Boston, the great George Lawrence Stone.

Mr. Stone did many things for Joe. He gave Joe most of the tools for developing technique. He taught Joe to read. But most important of all, he made Joe realize his future was in jazz, not “legitimate” percussion, as Joe had hoped. Through his studies with Mr. Stone, Joe became known as the best drummer in Springfield, and rudimental champion of New England.

Joe’s playing activity increased, and he soon found himself on the road with several groups. First, there was Hank Garland and the Grand Old Opry, and then Whitey Bernard. After much consideration, Joe left Whitey Bernard to go to New York City.

A difficult year followed, but with Joe’s determination and the help of friends like Sal Salvador, Joe began to be noticed. Soon he found himself playing with an impressive cast of musicians that included Gil Melle, Johnny Smith, Tal Farlow, Jimmy Raney, Stan Kenton and Marian McPartland. After leaving Marian McPartland’s trio, he turned down offers from the Benny Goodman band and the Tommy Dorsey band. The offer he chose to accept was a two-month temporary tour with the Dave Brubeck Quartet, which ended up lasting twelve-and-a half years. It was during the period that Joe’s technique received its finishing touches from Billy Gladstone of Radio City Music Hall.

From 1968, when the Dave Brubeck Quartet disbanded, Joe spread his talents over a variety of areas. He maintained a very active private teaching practice. Through his association with DW Drums, Joe made great educational contributions to drumming, as well as the entire field of jazz, by way of his clinics, lectures and guest solo appearances. In his later years, Joe frequently performed with his own group in the New York metropolitan area.

Joe appeared on over 120 albums and CDs, of which 60 were with the Dave Brubeck Quartet. He won the Downbeat magazine award for best drummer for five years in a row, the Playboy award seven years in a row, and is the only drummer to win every music poll for five years in a row, including Japan, England, Europe, Australia and South America. He is mentioned in Who’s Who in the East, twelfth edition, and the Blue Book, which is a listing of persons in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States who have achieved distinction in the arts, sciences, business or the professions. Revered by fans and musicians alike, Joe was considered to be one of the finest, and probably one of the most celebrated, drummers in the history of jazz.

Joe's impact on the world of music, and on all the lives of those he touched will live forever.
Joe Morello – R.I.P.
by Doug Payne

Drummer Joe Morello, one of jazz’s under-sung heroes, has died. Best known as the rhythmic timekeeper of multiple times in Dave Brubeck’s famed quartet, when the quartet made some of its best-known recordings, Morello had lately become an in-demand clinician, teacher and bandleader whose former students numbered Danny Gottlieb, Max Weinberg, Gary Feldman and Jerry Granelli.

Joe Morello, born July 17, 1928, in Springfield, Massachusetts, died on March 12, 2011, at his home in New Jersey. He was 82 years old.

Morello suffered from impaired vision from birth, and devoted himself to indoor activities. At six years old he began studying the violin, going on to feature three years later as soloist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, playing Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto, and again three years later.

At the of age 15 Morello met the violinist Jascha Heifetz and decided that he would never be able to equal Heifetz's "sound," so switched to drumming, first studying with a show drummer named Joe Sefcik and then George Lawrence Stone, author of the noted drum textbook Stick Control for the Snare Drummer.

Stone was so impressed with Morello's ideas that he incorporated them into his next book, Accents & Rebounds, which is dedicated to Morello. Later, Morello studied with Radio City Music Hall percussionist Billy Gladstone.

After moving to New York City, Morello worked with numerous notable jazz musicians including Johnny Smith, Tal Farlow, Stan Kenton, Phil Woods, Sal Salvador, Marian McPartland, Jay McShann, Art Pepper, Howard McGhee, and others.

After a period playing in McPartland's trio, Morello declined invitations to join both Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey's band, favoring a temporary two-month tour with the Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1955.

However, Morello remained to play with Brubeck for well over a decade – helping the Brubeck quartet score its biggest hits, including the well-known “Take Five” from the 1959 album Time Out - only departing in 1968.

R.I.P.: Don Chacal

(born Paulo Pereira D'Aquino on May 7, 1941, in São Paulo, SP, Brazil;
died on March 13, 2011, in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil)

Don Chacal, who passed away yesterday at age 69, was not only one of Brazil's best percussionists ever (a master specially on bongos, congas & timbales), but also one of the most versatile and most-in-demand studio musicians in Rio de Janeiro's busy studio scene of the 70s, 80s and 90s. He took part in over 500 albums - from instrumental jazz sessions with Marcio Montarroyos and Antonio Adolfo to several platinum albums by Brazil's top pop singers (from Wilson Simonal to Elis Regina, from Chico Buarque to Tim Maia plus Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Edu Lobo, Nara Leão, João Bosco, Ney Matogrosso and dozens of others.)

The first time I saw him playing was on Elis Regina's "Saudade do Brasil" concert at Canecão, in Rio de Janeiro, when I was 16. A few years later, I had the opportunity to work with him in several occasions, most memorably on Yana Purim's "Harvest Time" album, when another great percussionist, Sidinho Moreira, introduced me to Chacal at a time when he wasn't known yet as "Don Chacal."

He was included in several compilations produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro throughout the years - from Pascoal Meirelles' "Considerações" to the best-selling series "A Trip to Brazil" for Verve/Universal. The last time we met was in 2002, during one of my trips to Rio. I had produced the first CD reissue of the "Sergio Mendes and the New Brasil '77" album, and gave him a copy. He smiled like a child who got a candy, and hugged me.

That LP had been recorded during one of the two short periods he lived in the USA. Firstly, in 1977, when he became a member of Sergio Mendes' group (also appearing on the "Pelé" soundtrack with Gerry Mulligan), and in the early 90s when invited to join Paul Simon's 17-piece band assembled for the worldwide tour "Born at the Right Time" after having recorded on Simon's "The Rhythm of the Saints" album.

That tour was documented on the "Concert in the Park" project, recorded & filmed in NY's Central Park on August 15, 1991 in front of a crowd of 750,000 people, being released in several formats - vinyl, CD, VHS and LaserDisc, although not yet officially available on DVD. Some of Chacal's bandmates were Michael Brecker, Richard Tee, Steve Gadd and three other Brazilian percussionists - his close friend Sidinho Moreira, NY-based wiz Cyro Baptista and Cama de Gato's member Mingo Araujo. When the tour ended, he soon returned to his native Brazil.

During the 2000s, Don Chacal recorded with Vanessa da Mata, Jards Macalé, Azymuth, João Donato, Marcos Valle, Ed Motta, Nana Caymmi, Os Ipanemas and Grupo Batuque. Rest in Peace. For a bio in Portuguese, please check:

Iniciou sua carreira profissional em 1958, tocando em orquestra de bailes, como as dos maestros Osmar Milani e Élcio Alvarez.

No início dos anos 1960, viajou para a Argentina, onde tocou durante três meses com a orquestra do maestro Pocho.

De 1968 a 1972, atuou como percussionista do conjunto Som 3, ao lado de César Camargo Mariano, Sabá e Toninho, e acompanhando o cantor Wilson Simonal em várias excursões nacionais e internacionais.

Em 1975, participou de inúmeros shows de Ney Matogrosso, atuando ao lado de Marcio Montarroyos.

Em 1976 e 1977, morou em Los Angeles (EUA), onde integrou a banda de Sérgio Mendes, atuando em todas as turnês internacionais do grupo. De volta ao Brasil, retomou sua atuação como percussionista de Ney Matogrosso até 1978, excursionando novamente por todo o Brasil com o cantor.

De 1979 a 1981, atuou ao lado de César Camargo Mariano como percussionista de Elis Regina, participando dos shows "Saudades do Brasil" (sic) e "Essa mulher".

Em 1982, tocou com Chico Buarque, João Bosco e Ney Matogrosso. Em 1983, trabalhou com Ney Matogrosso, com quem excursionou por todo o Brasil e apresentou-se em Portugal e no Festival de Montreux (Suíça). Em 1984, gravou com vários cantores. De 1985 a 1987, atuou com Gonzaguinha em shows por todo o Brasil.

Em 1986, excursionou pelo Brasil com Gonzaguinha.

De 1987 a 1989, voltou a trabalhar com Ney Matogrosso, atuando ao lado de Arthur Moreira Lima, Raphael Rabello e Paulo Moura.

Em 1988, participou da gravação do CD de Paul Simon

"The Rhythm of the Saints", concontemplado com o Disco de Platina pela vendagem de mais de 1.000.000 de cópias.

Em 1991 e 1992, participou da turnê mundial e do famoso concerto desse artista realizado no Central Park (EUA). Voltou para o Brasil em 1992, onde vem atuando com vários artistas, como Tânia Alves, Nana Caymmi, Claudia Telles, Paulinho Tapajós e Rosa Passos.

Em 2000, participou do Carnajazz, festival de jazz de Búzios, ao lado de Marcio Montarroyos, Rafael Vernet, José Santa Rosa e Kleberson Caetano. Em 2002, gravou nos songbooks de João Donato e Marcos Valle. Também nesse ano, viajou com Marcos Valle e o grupo Azymuth ao Japão, onde fez turnê de shows em Tóquio (Blue Note), Osaka, Yokohama e outras cidades. Em novembro de 2003, fez temporada de shows no Vinicius Bar, ao lado de Claudia Telles e Paulinho Tapajós.

É um dos integrantes do grupo Conversa de Cordas, com o qual gravou os discos "Biscuit" (1995) e "Vou vivendo de folia" (1996).

Karine Hannah w/ Cliff Carter @ Metropolitan Room, NY, in April

Wednesday, April 13th, 2001, 7pm-10pm
Karine Hannah love @ The Metropolitan Room
34 West 22nd Street
New York, NY
Ph:(212) 206-0440

"I'm back at the Metropolitan Room with my "Guilty Pleasures" show," Karine says. "Come and listen and reminisce to great am/gold, soft rock/pop only male songs from the 70's & 80's. On piano: the incredible Clifford Carter. Back-up vocalists: Gregory Clark and John James. Over 20 songs packed in to this fun and emotional show."

CTI fans can't miss the chance to see Cliff Carter in a live performance, since this incredible keyboardist contributed to many legendary sessions done for Creed Taylor's label in the '70s, specially the ones arranged by a close collaborator, David Matthews - from Matthews' own "Dune" to Idris Muhammad's "Turn This Mutha Out."
Karine Hannah prepared the following setlist:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"JJ's Singer Smackdown" @ Zinc Bar, NY, March 24, feat. Jennifer Jade Ledesna

(Jennifer Jade Ledesna)

SAVE THE DATE: "JJ's SINGER SMACKDOWN!" @ ZINC Bar: Thursday, March 24!
"A TAG-TEAM-EVENT featuring some of NYC's finest:

Zinc Bar
82 West 3rd Street (bet. Thompson & Sullivan St)
New York, NY
Reservations: 212-477-ZINC (9462)

SETS: 9:30PM / 11PM / 1AM
COVER: $10
Jack Glottman (piano), Niko Delaveris (bass), Reggie Quinerly (drums)

"It's about that time again. Prepare yourselves for a truly rare & amazing show," Jennifer promises. "Come with us on a musical trip into the land of death defying, multigenre, vocal virtuosity! Jazz, Broadway, Gospel, Opera, Latin & more!"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spiritual Events next week in the LA Area

For Full Details:

* Working with Guidance and Introduction to Channeling
* The Healing Power of Clairvoyant Sight
* Working with Guidance and Introduction to Channeling
For Full Details:

* Beyond the Cloak of California - Booksigning
* I Am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man's Self in a Transitioning Time"- Booksigning

For Full Details:

* Reiki I Certification - Usui Reiki
* Victorian Glass Seance Group
* Reiki III
* Evoking the Healer Within: An Ayurvedic Meditation For Integrating
* Holistic Group Consults; A team approach to YOUR wellness concerns
* Psychometry with Krishanti
* Kundalini Yoga for beginners Anti-Aging
* Psychic Faire
* Unicorns and Pegasus with Maja D’Aoust
* Holistic Group Consults; A team approach to YOUR wellness concerns
* Satsang in Malibu
* A Radically New Approach to Canine & Feline Behavioral Training
* Shamanic Alchemical Meditation “Animal-Totems” with Michael Cardenas
* Intuitive Workshop with Crystal Singing Bowls
* Intro to QiGong with Lawrence McEvoy
* Soul Reunion - The Return Home From Separation
* Making Decisions with the Whole Brain
* Soul Reunion
* Reiki Share with HOI Reiki Master Christina Galvez
* Advanced Intuitive Guide Workshop
* TAROT 103 – Hermetic Symbolism of the Major Arcana Part 1 with Naha Armády
* Sit With the Angels Group Experience
* CSTC™ - Certified Spiritual Team Consultant Courses
For Full Details:

* Your Intuitive Child
* Byron Katie Inquiry Circle
For Full Details:

* Channeling Class
* The Emotional Root Cause of Disease
* Medical Intuitive Seminar
* Meditation and Automatic Writing for a Busy Lifestyle
* Reiki I Integration, Day 2
* Beginning Astrology, Day 2
For Full Details:

* Certified Level One Crystal Therapy class
* Kenneally Acupuncture & Healing Light Resource Center
* Certified Mediumship Course

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Michelle H. Zangara's The Promise of Spring Trio live in NY, March 16

Michelle H. Zangara leads "The Promise of Spring Trio" on March 16th, with Rick Germanson & Paul Gill, @ Tagine Dining Gallery. 8:30p to 11:30pm.

Tagine Dining Gallery (Moroccan Restaurant)
537 Ninth Avenue at 40 Street,
NYC , Hell's Kitchen District
Ph: (212) 564-7292