Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun, Happy, Uptempo Songs Needed for Car Brand TV Spot

Below is a special opportunity that we wanted to give you a heads up about. Just got the word about this project today, and TAXI Music needs the music by 09:00 PDT AM on Wednesday March 30, 2011. You can find this listing under the Pop (Film & TV) genre in the Submit Music section of your hosting site.

Major NY Ad Agency has an URGENT need for a HIP (big surprise) FUN, HAPPY, SOMEWHAT QUIRKY, UPTEMPO, INDIE SOUNDING, STRIPPED-DOWN SONG for a HUGE U.S. AUTO BRAND'S TV Spot. They've referenced these songs/tracks:

READ THIS CAREFULLY! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE COPY OR RIP OFF ANY PART OF THESE REF TRACKS. Use them ONLY to get an idea of what has appealed to the agency so far and look for commonality; tempo, vibe, quirkiness factor, attitude, vocal style, sonic texture, etc. and try to nail that overall quality in YOUR song.

Quoting the agency, the spot will be "Voice Over heavy like all retail spots but we're open to lyrics. Some key words could be numbers, count on me, countdown, #1, springtime, etc." Our advice: Don't try to include ALL of those keywords or make your lyric too "on the nose." In other words, a mention or two would be cool, but don't go overboard. Hand claps? Couldn't hurt! Finger snaps? Might be cool. Any sort of catchy rhythmic thing seems to be in order for this.

Basic and not over-produced? Definitely! MALE or FEMALE VOCALS ARE BOTH OKAY. SUBMIT A SONG WITH LYRICS, but know that they'll probably come back to you for an instrumental version at a late r date if you land this gig. SHORT intros, easy-to-edit songs, and buttoned endings are recommended. BTW, DO NOT title your track the way you would for a music library on this submission.

Give it a cool Indie sounding name-agencies like that. No Publisher Splits. YOU'LL KEEP 100% OF THE INCOME. Broadcast Quality Tracks needed (great sounding home recordings are fine). You MUST own or control 100% of the Master and Composition rights. All submissions will be screened on a Yes/No basis. If your music is selected, the company will contact you directly. Submissions must be received no later than TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 30th at 9:00am (PDT). TAXI# Y110330AB

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