Thursday, November 3, 2011

CD of the Day - "Christiane Legrand: Of Smiles and Tears"

CD of the Day
Christiane Legrand: "Of Smiles and Tears" (Philips/Universal)

My personal favorite solo album by Christiane Legrand, who sings 11 Brazilian songs, with French lyrics provided mostly by Eddy Marnay. Among them, one of Antonio Carlos Jobim's gems from his soundtrack to "The Adventurers": "Children's Games" (a.k.a. "Double Rainbow" and "Chovendo na Roseira'), here retitled "Rome" (yes, the lyrics are about the Italian city). Six songs are by Milton Nascimento, from the "Courage" era of his creative heyday: "Canção do Sal" (La Riziere), "Travessia" (Ta Maison N'Est Plus La Mienne), "Outubro" (Tant des Gens), "Maria Minha Fé" (Marie Endormie), "Morro Velho" (Deux Camarades) and "Catavento." There's also an inspired rendintion of Baden Powell/Vinicius de Moraes' afro-samba classic "Canto de Ossanha" and the collaboration of Fred Falcão and Arnoldo Medeiros on "Shirley Sexy," wrongly credited on this CD reissue to samba master Elton Medeiros.

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