Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Diana Krall's tours in Asia and Brazil - detailed infos

After sold-out concerts in Thailand and Singapore, Diana Krall performs tonight in Kuala Lampur and goes next to Jakarta (October 5), Hong Kong (Oct 7), Shangai (Oct 9) and Beijing (Oct 12). After the Asian tour, Krall travels to Brazil, where she will perform in Rio de Janeiro (October 30 & 31, November 1st at "Vivo Rio"), Curitiba (Oct 3 at "Teatro Positivo") and Sao Paulo (Nov 5 at "HSBC Brasil" Hall).
For more details and tickets, please click here: (Rio concerts) (Sao Paulo)

The Rio concerts on October 31 & November 1st (an orchestra will be added to her group - John Clayton, Jeff Hamilton, Anthony Wilson plus guest percussionist Paulinho da Costa - only on these two nights!) will be filmed for a possible DVD issue in 2009, to coincide with the release of her new album collaboration with Claus Ogerman, tentatively titled "Quiet Nights" (yes, "Corcovado", the Jobim song!) Btw, Claus was also invited to go to Brazil as a "guest of honor", but has not made a decision yet. Anyway, Verve has already requested a Working VISA for him after taking care of a new passport too, since the last one had just expired two weeks ago.

The DVD will be supervised by the legendary producer Tommy LiPuma, who went to Brazil for the last time 22 years ago, in November 1976, for some recording sessions used on Michael Frank's masterpiece album "Sleeping Gypsy", issued in early 1977 after Claus Ogerman added his orchestral arrangements. Four Brazilian musicians took part of the proceedings on the tracks "B-Wana He No Home" and "Down in Brazil": Joao Donato on piano, Joao Palma on drums (both were LiPuma's longtime friends), Helio Delmiro (rhythm guitar, while Larry Carlton did the guitar solos) and the late Luizao Maia on bass (due to a technical problem, ie. noise on his electric bass cable, Luizao's parts were later replaced by Crusaders' Wilton Felder).
Diana Krall
Tonight, October 2, 2008

Kuala Lumpur
Plenary Hall, KLCC

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