Monday, October 27, 2008

Coming soon: The Bahama Soul Club "Remixes"

Bahama Soul Club
"Sugar Cane/Nassau Jam" Remixes (Buyu) 2008

From the man behind the dancefloor bizniz of JuJu Orchestra comes The Bahama Soul Club. Oliver Belz certainly knows a thing or two about bossa and the LP "Rhythm is What Makes Jazz Jazz" is a corker. From the LP comes this great remix 12" with Smoove and Lack of Afro taking two of the best cuts and adding a British dancefloor flavour. LOA turns in yet another deep production with oomph on the drums and requisite organ and bass adding texture. The man has pure funk blood flowing through his veins.

Review of the new BAHAMA 12” EP Remixes now posted as TOP CHOICE RECORD on
There will be also a full LP review as “FEATURED LP” on their next radio show up very soon ...

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