Friday, October 17, 2008

Letter from "All for the CTI"
Friday, October 17, 2008

Carta pro Arnaldo
Hello Arnaldo,

Thanks for your nice post announcing my blog. Unfortunately I'm currently too busy running The CTI Never Sleeps to just browse around reading stuff I like and I didn't visit your site for quite some time. Please let me answer to your kind writing by this letter.

Your (and Doug Payne's, of course) in-depth liner notes on the covers numerous albums I have were always among main sources of infomation when I started collecting CTI recordings.

When I dicovered the blogspot jazz community, I was really happy to find your colourful and informative blog, a wonderful online extension of the great job you are doing as a writer, promoter and producer.

Thanks for your note on João Palma in the previous post. I wish I had all the time and space to go into details in my posts. Usually I'm glad to put a short teaser under the cover art. I know that there's a story behind every album I post here. In fact, I fully rely on Doug Payne's bottomless source of CTI wisdom when it comes to listing the line-ups and stuff.I'm sure that every single letter you'll drop in the comments box will higly improve the quality of this place. Your insider's view will be appreciated not just by me but by tens of thousands readers visiting The CTI Never Sleeps.I'm really glad that my work is appreciated by such an unmistakable icon of modern jazz scene as you certainly are.

Stay tuned.
Posted by All for the CTI at Friday, October 17, 2008

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