Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Message from US Senator Harry Reid

Dear Arnaldo,

Next door in my home state -- the crucial battleground of Nevada -- this election is already under way.Early Vote began last Saturday, and we're off to a very good start. By Tuesday, 59 percent of voters were Democratic and only 25 percent were Republican.But history clearly tells us that we can't rely on early success. John Kerry had a large lead in Nevada after the first few days of Early Vote.

Then he lost both Nevada and the White House on Election Day. That's where the support of Californians like you comes in. If you come join the Nevadans already working to help get out the vote, and bring a couple of friends with you, we'll keep up the pace and win Nevada.
Will you Drive for Change and make a big difference on Election Day?

Supporters like you have already given your time and energy, and I want to thank you for your help. Now there are only a few days left before Election Day, November 4th, and we know this election is coming down to a photo-finish. The deciding factor is going to be effort -- whoever works harder for it is going to win.

I firmly believe that you and I want it more. Even Republicans know that the Bush-McCain policies of the last eight years have been a massive failure. But if you agree with me, you have to stand up and prove it. The Nevada Campaign for Change needs all of us working together to help get out the vote.

We can't miss this opportunity to put our country back on track -- it's just too important. This election isn't going to win itself. Help see this thing through to the end by signing up now to let the Campaign for Change know when you're coming to Nevada:http://ca.barackobama.com/drivetonevada

Thanks for everything you're doing.

Harry Reid
United States Senator

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