Friday, October 17, 2008

CD of the Day - "The Bahama Soul Club"

CD of the Day
The Bahama Soul Club: "Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz" (Buyú) 2008

So far, the best nu-jazz project of the year. Massive work conceived & materialized by the multi-talented Oliver Belz, who produced the CD, co-wrote all of the nine songs, did all the programmings, cuts & edits. Oh, he also recorded & mixed (at Mount Belzoni Studios in his native Germany) & mastered the album. Intoxicating grooves, infectious horn riffs (courtesy of trumpetist Chris Winninghoff and sax players Tom Wolter & George Bishop), delightful solos and nice vocals (added by Pat Appleton, Bella Wagner, Isabelle Antena and Malena) melted in frenetic arrangements.
Jan-Heie Erchinger (keyboards), Eddie Flipp (drums) and Ralli King (guitars) help to complete the cinematic landscapes, full of furious bongos and Rhodes/Wurlitzer tones.
James Brown meets Jimmy Smith and Lalo Schifrin on "The Nassau Jam", while "King of Cool" reminds us of the Shirley Bassey/Propellerheads encounter on "History Repeating". Many other imaginary meetings follow. João Donato's bounding electric piano seems to join the team on "Dejame Marchar", the sensuous vocalists from Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 emerge as a strong inspiration to French singer Isabelle Antena on "A Bout De Souffle", and the wild early 70's proto-funk of "Boca Chica" sounds like a previously unreleased singer from "A Bad Donato". Nuff said, 'cause I need to dance. But I repeat: so far, the best nu-jazz project of the year.

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