Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Help California reach the goal

You need to see some of the offensive attacks we're up against. I just recorded a short video on my laptop about John McCain's negative ads. In the remaining 21 days, we need to be ready to respond to smears like these -- and worse. We need to show that our supporters will fight back against the McCain campaign's low road tactics. That's why our goal is to bring 100,000 new donors into this movement before midnight on Friday, October 17th.

That means in California we need 10,000 new donors to step up this week. Now is the time to make your first donation. This is your last opportunity to partner with a previous donor who will match every dollar.

Your donation of $5 becomes $10, $25 becomes $50, and $50 becomes $100 when it's matched by a fellow supporter. Watch the video and double your impact by making a matched donation today.

John McCain and his allies want smears and lies to drive this election. That must be because the McCain campaign knows they don't have good answers for the issues that matter to ordinary people in California -- like the economy, health care, and comprehensive immigration reform. And they've flatly stated that if they talk about the economy, they will lose. Instead, they keep coming up with new, outrageous attacks that are even more offensive and baseless than the ones before. The issues facing our country are too important to let our next president be determined by petty political tactics. Help reach the goal of 100,000 new donors this week. You can provide the vital resources needed to fight back against these attacks and show John McCain that there's a cost to his 100% negative campaign.

Double your impact today with a matched donation. Make your first donation to help bring the change we need on November 4th: We've already seen the cost of eight years of failed policies. With just 21 days left, we have to show John McCain the cost of ignoring the real issues and focusing on false, negative attacks.

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