Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Release of the Day - "Bossa do Morro"

CD Release of the Day
"Daniel Haaksman Presents: Bossa do Morro" (Boutique/Universal) 2008
Probably one of the most bizarre albums of the year. Certainly the most bizarre release to celebrate the bossa nova 50th anniversary. Yes, that's exactly what you are wondering. A project of "Baile Funk Remixes" of bossa nova recordings by João Gilberto, Luiz Bonfá, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sergio Mendes, Sylvia Telles, Rosinha de Valença and many others, taken from the Philips, Verve and MPS vaults.
The main tracks (that can't be exactly called "highlights") are the three historical songs performed by João Gilberto. Each one remixed by a different DJ.
Ernani Maldonado paired with DJ Nazz to conceive the desconstruction of "Desafinado", DJ Amazing Clay prepared the funk remix of "Bim Bom" (lots of reverb added to Joao's voice, heard in a new fast speed while "a cachorra" does sexy whispers in the background), and DJ Nazz alone ruined the historic Joao/Astrud Gilberto recording of "Girl from Ipanema", from the "Getz/Gilberto" album.
If Joao went crazy with the sound modifications on "The Legendary" CD, I can't wait to hear his comments about these new outrageous "recreations" of his work.
The nightmare continues with two Jobim songs: "Água de Beber" (remixed from his solo LP debut, "The Composer of Desafinado, Plays") and "Discussão" (mispelled "Dicussao", sung by Sylvia Telles and reworked by DJ Bolão and MC Gringo).
Open-minded listeners shall also pay attention to Luiz Bonfá/Maria Toledo's "Samburá" as well as to the DJ Marrentinho remix of Rosinha de Valença's "Uma Noite".

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