Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drive for Change to Nevada

Right next door in the crucial swing state of Nevada, Election Day is starting today. There are less than three weeks until November 4th, but Early Vote begins in Nevada on October 18th.

That means folks can head to Early Vote locations across the state and cast their ballots early.As voters in Nevada make up their minds, we need as many volunteers as possible to help us reach out and make sure they know about Barack and where he stands on the issues.

Early Vote is a crucial way for people who can't make it to the polls on Election Day to make their voices heard -- and it's also a vital part of our strategy. The more supporters who make their voices heard now, the more energy and resources we can devote to our get out the vote efforts closer to Election Day. And face-to-face interaction with another supporter is the most effective way to encourage Nevadans to take advantage of this opportunity.

No experience is required to come make a difference. Nevada Campaign for Change staff will give you everything you need to succeed, and local voters will be glad to see people from different states coming together to help bring change to Nevada.

Watch a simple training video and sign up now to let us know you're coming to Nevada:

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