Sunday, October 26, 2008

How Arnaldo can change America

Dear Arnaldo,

Election Day is just days away, but you still have plenty of opportunities to make a difference for Barack.
Change never comes without a fight -- and it won't come at all unless each of us does our part.
Will you browse the list of activities below and see what you can fit into your schedule?
Our records show that you live in California's 23rd district.
Get involved and help bring change now.

WEDNESDAY October 29th
Last Call for Change House Parties
Supporters are coming together on Wednesday, October 29th, to watch Barack's national TV appearance and call voters in battleground states. Talking one-on-one with potential fellow voters is one of the easiest and most effective ways for you to make an impact in this election.
Find a Last Call for Change house party near you or sign up to host one.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY November 1st & 2nd
Last Call for Change Phonebanks
There are hundreds of phonebanks being organized in towns and cities across the country -- and there's one right near you. You can come together with fellow supporters and reach out to voters in battleground states. Your call could be the one to get a supporter to the polls or help an undecided voter make up their mind.
Find your local Last Call for Change phonebank and sign up now to make a difference.

EVERY DAY through Election Day
Drive for Change -- Nevada
If you can get out of town for a day or two, will you sign up to drive to Nevada? Face-to-face contact is the most powerful way to get out the vote or persuade undecided voters in battleground states. Grab a couple friends and join us for a weekend road trip.Sign up today -- Nevada staff are waiting for your help.

Call from Home
We need to make 300,000 calls to voters in battleground states this weekend. Right from your own home, on your own schedule, you can do your part in just an hour or two by calling voters in Pennsylvania. We'll give you the phone numbers and the talking points. It couldn't be easier.
Get your list of Pennsylvania voters to call right now.

Each passing day is an opportunity we'll never have again to change America. Thanks for all you've done. Now let's make sure we don't wake up on November 5th wondering if we could have done more.

Jon Carson
National Field Director
Obama for America

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