Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your thoughts, in the President's hands

Dear Arnaldo:

According to our records, you are registered in California's 30th Congressional District. In the six months leading up to Election Day, supporters like you reached out to more than 80 million voters on phone lines and doorsteps across the country -- making the difference in dozens of key races.

And -- one conversation at a time -- the commitments to vote that you secured helped grow this movement. That kind of work transcends the results of a single election. Thank you.

Organizing for America started with you -- your voices, your ideas, and your feet on the ground.

And from the beginning, your vision for the future has propelled our work to move this country forward. From historic health insurance reform to the strongest consumer protections ever put in place, we have begun to make the change we envisioned a reality.

But we still have so much left to accomplish together. That's why now, with November's elections behind us and a new year on the horizon, we're planning our next steps. We can't do that without hearing from the people who brought us here -- supporters like you.

We've put together a short survey to make sure we capture everyone's ideas. In the coming weeks, we'll report back with the results -- and they'll go straight into the President's hands, hand-delivered by OFA volunteers in early December.

Please take a minute to take this survey and share your thoughts about the future of this movement.

We've always known that big change doesn't begin with a top-down mandate -- it begins at the grassroots.

It begins with the kind of ideas that inspire us all to get out and do the real work of organizing -- knocking on doors, making calls, and pitching in what we can to build support in our communities.

Your voice built and sustained this movement. And now, your voice will keep it moving forward.

Please take our short survey now and share your ideas. We'll make sure the President sees what you have to say:

Together, we'll keep making lasting change that matters.

Mitch Stewart
Director - "Organizing for America"
A project of the Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol Street
SE, Washington, D.C. 20003

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