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"Tangorine" - CTI prepares the reissue of "Rhythmstick" on DVD

CTI's founder Creed Taylor is preparing the DVD reissue of the super big-budget all-star project "Rhythmstick," originally filmed in High Definition at Van Gelder Studio, back in 1989, during the heyday of the LaserDisc format. Retitled "Tangorine" (with the sub-title "Kings of Afro-Cuban Brazilian Jazz"), and featuring the names & pics of Dizzy Gillespie & Tito Puente in the new front cover art, it will be available with a new Rudy Van Gelder mix for 5.1 DTS Surround Sound.
This fabulous all-star session was released on LaserDisc in both Japan (by Pioneer) and USA (by A-Vision, the video division of Atlantic Records which also issued it on VHS). The original CD came out as an independent CTI release, but soon later it was re-printed for distribution through PolyGram in 1990. A limited LP issue, including only 9 tracks, was also manufactured by Europadisk, Ltd. using the Teldec technology of DMM (Direct Metal Mastering).

"Rhythmstick" was filmed utilizing three Sony High Definition cameras, becoming the first HD LaserDisc in jazz history. The audio signals were recorded on 24-track Sony digital equipment, and mixed to a 2-track master which has remained in the digital format through all the transfers to the final audio mix. That was the first CTI project recorded on multi-track digital equipment, as well as the first multi-track digital session recorded by Rudy Van Gelder, who, prior to "Rhythmstick," had done several digital sessions recorded directly to a 2-track machine. Curiously, five years earlier, in January 1984, Creed and Van Gelder had collaborated on the first CTI digital session ever, Claudio Roditi's "Red on Red," recorded live at Rudy's with a 2-track Mitsubishi equipment.

Featured artists on "Rhythmstick": Dizzy Gillespie, Art Farmer, Bob Berg, Tito Puente, Hilton Ruiz, Jimmy McGriff (all have passed away by now, very unfortunately) plus Phil Woods, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim, Charlie Haden, Anthony Jackson, Bernard Purdie, Marvin "Smitty" Smith, John Scofield, Romero Lubambo and arranger/co-producer Benny Golson. Some overdubs were added by Jim Beard, Randy Brecker, Jon Faddis, Amy Roslyn, Janice Pendarvis and Diana Moreira.

A 2-LP set reissue, on special 180g vinyl manufactured by Membran and packaged with a different cover art, came out in 2009 in Europe.

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Original LaserDisc Japanese cover:

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*1990年にプロデューサーのクリス・テイラーによるCTIオールスターズで録音リリースされたアルバム「RHYTHMSTICK/リズムスティック」!!メンバーは,大御所ディジー・ガレスピー/DIZZY GILLESPIE(tp),アート・ファーマー/ART FARMER(tp),フィル・ウッズ/PHIL WOODS(as),ボブ・バーグ/BOB BERG(ts,ss),アイアート/アイアート・モレイア/AIRTO(per),バーナード・パーディ/BERNARD PURDIE(ds),マーヴィン”スミティ”スミス/MARVIN"SMITTY"SMITH(ds),ジョン・スコフィールド/JOHN SCOFIELD(g),ホメロ・ルバンボ/ROMERO LUBAMBO(g),ロベン・フォード/ROBBEN FORD(g),チャーリー・ヘイデン/CHARLIE HADEN(b),アンソニー・ジャクソン/ANTHONY JACKSON(b),ヒルトン・ルイス/HILTON RUIZ(p),ジミー・マグリフ/JIMMY McGRIFF(org),ランディ・ブレッカー/RANDY BRECKER(tp),ジョン・ファディス/JON FADDIS(tp),ジム・ベアード/JIM BEARD(key),ベニー・ゴルソン/BENNY GOLSON(arr,synth bass),フローラ・プリム/FLORA PURIM(vo)と新旧ベテラン・ミュージシャンが集結!

Original Vinyl issue (1990):

Original U.S. VHS issue: 2-LP set reissued in 2009:

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