Monday, November 15, 2010

R.I.P.: Marco Versiani

(Twelve years ago in my house, from left to right: Arnaldo, Dom Salvador, Marco Versiani & Manuel Gusmão)

Composer, lyricist, publicist and producer Marco Versiani passed away November 12 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Famous for his awarded jingle campaigns, he also co-wrote songs with Dom Salvador (including "Moeda, Reza e Cor" and the title track from the landmark "Som, Sangue e Raça" album for CBS), Lisa Ono, Pingarilho, Helvius Vilela and Mauricio Einhorn, amongst others.
Versiani produced the "Dom Salvador Trio" CD, recorded in 2007 with Sergio Barroso (bass) & Duduka da Fonseca (drums) and later released by the Biscoito Fino label. One of the tracks, "Unificação," was co-written by Versinai & Salvador. Rest in Peace.

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