Monday, November 8, 2010

CD of the Day - "Celso Murilo: Mr. Ritmo"

CD of the Day
Celso Murilo: "Mr. Ritmo" (Pawal/WhatMusic) 1962/2003

The follow-up to "Sambas na Passarela" and "Ritmos na Passarela," this was the third album by Brazil's most underrated Hammond hero, Celso Murilo, born in the small city of Baependi (the land of the Venerable "Nhá Chica" celebrated by Paulo Coelho) in the Minas Gerais State, where he still lives.
Celso was Rio's new big keyboard sensation in the early 60s - having worked with João Gilberto, Baden Powell and Johnny Alf among others - when this album was recorded, proving that he was able to crossover between the "old" styles of Waldir Calmon and Djalma Ferreira and the "new" bossa and samba-jazz grooves. Not to mention the big influence of one of his mentors, Ed Lincoln.
Featuring: Celso Murilo (Hammond B3 organ & acoustic piano), Sebastião Marinho (acoustic bass), Ohana (drums & timbales), Rubens Bassini (percussion, pandeiro & bongos), Jorge Arena (congas), Copinha (flute), Maurilio dos Santos (trumpet) plus the vocals by "Edgar & His Group."
Highlights: Murilo's own "Cha-Cha Celso," Humberto Garin's "Ritmo Sabroso," Waldir Calmon/Paulo Nunes' "Teleco-Teco Nº 1," Dorival Caymmi's "Rosa Morena," a version of Ataulfo Alves/Mario Lago's huge hit "Ai Que Saudades da Amélia" which inspired many similar instrumental recordings of that song, and the American standard "Tea For Two (Youmans/Caesar).
Remastered by Luigi Hoffer in November 2002.

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