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New releases by MoonJune Records

MoonJune Records is announcing 4 new releases, released on July 17, 2007.

Pictured above: Elton Dean

"The Unbelievable Truth"
Legendary saxophonist Elton Dean (1945-2006) shines on one of his final recordings, featuring the powerhouse Belgian improv-jazz-art-rock band The Wrong Object. Recorded live in Paris in October of 2005, less than four months before his untimely passing, The Unbelievable Truth demonstrates the remarkable breadth of the late British saxophonist’s reach. With Dean originals ranging from the 7/4 jam “Seven for Lee” to the tender ballad “Baker’s Treat,” The Unbelievable Truth also highlights The Wrong Object’s equally diverse writing and freewheeling improvisational ability. From quirky Zappa-esque complexity to ominous material reminiscent of Dean’s 1970s tenure with Soft Machine and even a hint of swing, The Unbelievable Truth proves that Dean remained a vital musical force to the very end.

"Tipping Point" featuring Dave Carpenter and Gary Husband
Los Angeles based rock and jazz drummer Jason Smith (Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins) reinvents the jazz piano trio. A live set recorded at the Los Angeles' Jazz Bakery featuring bassist Dave Carpenter (Allan Holdsworth, Peter Erskine, Herbie Hancock) and Gary Husband (Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin, Level 42, Jack Bruce, Robin Trower), who leaves the kit to Smith and focuses exclusively on keyboards, Tipping Point bristles with rock and fusion energy, yet remains unequivocally a jazz record. Featuring original material alongside tunes by Kenny Wheeler and John McLaughlin with a couple of standards thrown in for good measure, Smith’s trio “avoids any kind of stylistic purity, while still feeling completely natural and unforced.” ( Harmonically rich and metrically complex yet equally capable of understatement and nuanced elegance, this trio skews tradition while remaining fully conversant in it. Honest and unassuming, Tipping Point represents a refreshingly contemporary piano trio that substitutes honesty and commitment for shtick and artifice.

"Conspiracy Theories"
Legendary "Canterbury Scene" guitarist and former member of bands Delivery, Matching Mole, Hatfield & The North and National Health, delivers his most amitious solo record to date. Two years in the making, Conspiracy Theories features Miller’s jazz-centric but groove-happy In Cahoots sextet along with numerous guests including Gong alumnus Didier Malherbe (sax/flute), ex-Hatfield members Dave Stewart (tuned percussion) and Richard Sinclair (bass) and others. With ensembles ranging from five to eleven pieces, Miller’s writing has never been more complex while providing ample solo space. Jazz fusion with a British sensibility, there’s fiery funk, ambling swing and soft balladry, all anchored by a guitarist described as someone who “would rather play a wrong note than a note somebody else had played.” Conspiracy Theories is a strong return for Miller that will appeal to fans of contemporary jazz based on detailed form and cerebral yet visceral playing.

"First Live In Japan"
Outstanding 7-piece progressive jazz-rock band from Italy. All the power delivered by the spectacular insane drumming of Furio Chirico (often compared to Billy Cobham) and magnificent analog keyboards of maestro Beppe Crovella (Mellotron, Hammond, Mini Moog, Fender Rhodes, acoustic piano), counter-pointed by the beautiful violin passages, killer sax lines, wonderful guitar work, robust bass and challenging vocals. Captured live in Kawasaki/Tokyo, during the Japan tour in June of 2005, this 76 minutes album includes most of the material from their two legendary cult albums “Tilt” (1974) and “Giro Di Valzer Per Domani” (1975) with few newer compositions. In the vein and league of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return To Forever, Mothers Of Invention, mid ‘70s Soft Machine, and for fans King Crimson, Umphreys’s McGee and jazzier side of the jam-band scene. Quoted as one of John Frusciante’s (Red Hot Chilli Pepper) favorite bands.

Next releases, street date August 21, 2007

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