Monday, July 30, 2007

Captive State live at The Borderline, July 31

CAPTIVE STATE + Tom McKean and the Emperors + Jack Cheshire
Live at The Borderline - Tuesday 31st July

The origins of Captive State can be traced to a nondescript house in Brixton, South London, where in 2003 Tom Bootle and Joseph Kennedy began the project. They began messing around with hip-hop, drum and bass and breakbeat, writing politicised lyrics and heavy beats.

The Captive State man can be shaped and moulded to represent the many sides of life described by Captive State's music. But he's always running.Support on the night comes from Tom McKean and the Emperors Quickly becoming a popular draw on the London live music scene and a big hit on myspace, Tom's deep growl and poetic lyrics are reminiscent of Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, while The Emperors provide soaring harmonies, beautiful musical arrangements and plenty of bad attitude.

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