Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Grooves in the Temple" - Dusty Groove

Jorge Pescara -- Grooves In The Temple . . . CD . . . $13.99 (Item: 388002)
JSR (Brazil), 2005 Condition: New Copy View Cart
A modern groover, but one with a feel that takes us back to the classic days of CTI and Kudu in the 70s! Bassist Jorge Pescara's got a lean, clean sound that's somewhere in the best early style used by Jaco Pastorious -- captured here in a set of larger arrangements that still stay tight enough to keep things soulful and funky, and which great use of the fullness of the sound without making things too slick at all. A few tracks definitely have a more modern approach and more electric production, but overall the sound's really going for a classic feel on most tracks. Guests on the session include Luiz Bonfa, Dom Um Romao, Deodato, and Paula Faour -- and titles include "Sofisticada", "Funchal", "Kashmir", "Grooves In The Temple", "The Great Emperor Of The Bass", "Power Of Soul", and "Laura Lee". (From the Brazil CD (M-Z and Various) page.)

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