Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Jazz Museum in Harlem

The Jazz Museum in Harlem may not have its own building, but it organizes a lot of interesting events, reports Kate Taylor ( New York Sun ). The Jazz Museum was founded in 1998 by the lawyer and Nixon White house staffer Leonard Garment. Since 2001 the saxophonist and composer Loren Schoenberg serves as the executive director of the organization. He organizes the course "Jazz for Curious Listeners", the series "Harlem Speaks", as well as concerts for instance at the Rubin Museum. The museum's archive contains parts of Ralph Ellison's collection as well as a lot of material documenting the music of Duke Ellington. Schoenberg hopes to be able to present the museum's holdings in the future and looks at two possible locations. He also hopes for a renovation project which concerns a theater in close proximity to the Apollo Theatre and would offer the Jazz Museum enough exhibition space. This project, though, as all great cultural institutions, needs patience, as Schoenberg knows.

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