Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jim Galloway interviewed

The Canadian soprano saxophonist Jim Galloway has traveled a million miles as he tells Geoff Chapman ( The Toronto Star ). But he does not complain about the hardships of traveling as much as he does about the fact that there are fewer and fewer venues featuring his kind of melodic, swinging jazz. He rather uses trains than airplanes, especially when traveling Europe. In Germany he had problems getting vegetarian meals. (We can assure him: that has changed!). At Heathrow Airport they have good malt whiskey at the liquor store. In Miami and Orlando passengers are treated like cattle. Air Canada is okay, Asian airlines are good, many American airlines, though, are dropping their standards. He never lost an instrument - but then a soprano saxophone doesn't take up much space. He loves Paris and Vienna where he plays the Jazzland club since 30 years, the Italian cuisine, small hotel rooms in San Francisco, the hospitality in Japan. Sometimes he travels just for pleasure, to Prague for instance, to the Provence or to Scotland. Two countries he yet wants to see are Russia and Turkey.

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