Monday, May 23, 2011

CD of the Week - "Antoinette: Curious Life"

CD of the Week
Antoinette: "Curious Life" (Studio Five) 2011

A very pleasant and sensual journey to the pop/r&b of the late '80s, with guitars, keyboards and programming paving the way for Antoinette's soulful vocals. The album was wisely produced by Roger Hatfield, who co-wrote most of the songs, many of them with Donny Thompson, who provided the additional vocal arrangements. Discovered by drummer-producer Norman Connors, Antoinette's "black" voice (even more powerful than Lisa Stansfield's) fits perfectly with the repertoire and the instrumentation.
Highlights: "Why You Let Me Go," "Carry On," "Secret Lover" and "Invincible Love."
In the wake of her successful debut CD, "Verbal Crush," produced by Norman Connors, Antoinette Manganas has again set sail for new worlds to conquer. In association with Grammy award winning producer, Roger Hatfield, she just released a brand new CD entitled "Curious Life".

“I loved the standards and smooth jazz style of 'Verbal Crush', but as a singer and a songwriter, I wanted to explore new musical directions. I am very attracted to the bump and grind of the neo-Soul and dancehall styles. I have always loved the rhythm side of rhythm and blues,” said Antoinette in a recent interview. "The evolution of the lyric has become very important as well." There are hints at a European tour, due in part to the traction she is enjoying with European radio stations.

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