Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vinyl of the Day - "Don Elliott: Jamaica Jazz"

Vinyl of the Day
The Don Elliott Octet featuring Candido: "Jamaica Jazz" (ABC-Paramount ABCS 228) 1958

Produced by Creed Taylor
Arranged by Gil Evans
Featuring: Don Elliott (mellophonium, vib, tp), Phil Bodner (fl,oboe,english hrn), Al Klink (bcl,ts), Don Ashworth (fl,oboe,english hrn), Romeo Penque (fl,oboe,english horn), Barry Galbraith (g), Art Taylor (ds), Candido Camero (conga), Ernie Furtado (b) & Paul Chambers (b)

Push De Button
Cocoanut Sweet
Little Biscuit
Pretty To Walk With
Ain't It The Truth
What Good Does It Do?

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