Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon of Song in CA, Feb 27

The Jazzschool Vocal Department
Showcase and Open House
2087 Addison Street
Berkeley, California 94704

Call (510) 845-5373 to reserve tickets
4:30 - 6:30
Only $10

Featuring the Extraordinary Jazzschool Vocal Teachers:
Maye Cavallaro
Stephanie Crawford
Sandy Cressman
Julia Dollison
Raz Kennedy
Janet Kutulas
Maria Marquez
Kerry Marsh
Joyce Pricco
Ed Reed
Pamela Rose
Trelawny Rose
Stephen Saxon
Faith Winthrop
Greetings Everyone!

I'm so pleased to present this stellar cast of exceptional vocal artists and educators to showcase the wealth of resources available to vocal students of all ages and levels at the Jazzschool coming this spring quarter April 4 - June 19.

This is a great opportunity to not only meet the Jazzschool vocal faculty, but to also HEAR them sing. You may have heard the expression "Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach." This is certainly not the case with the staff at the Jazzschool. In fact, Jazzschool teachers are both wonderful artists and knowledgeable, generous educators. Registration for spring will be open so you will also have the opportunity to sign up for classes right then and there. If you are a fan of vocal music, but not quite ready to take the stage, then you will be thrilled to spend a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon listening to some of the most wonderful vocalists in the Bay Area.

The Vocal Program has hosted some of the world's greatest singers including Bobby McFerrin, Mark Murphy, Kurt Elling, Nancy King, Sheila Jordon, Theo Bleckmann and many, many others. Some of the Bay Area's most beloved artists and educators also lead short-term workshops including Clairdee, Ed Reed, Madeline Eastman, Ann Dyer and Jackie Ryan. We are offering two master classes this spring -- one with east coast singer J.D. Walter and another with our local master, Kitty Margolis. Maria Marquez is introducing a brand new class on the "Intimate Side of Latin Music" where students will be working in a duo setting. Stephanie Crawford is back with a class focusing on "interpretation." Maye Cavallaro is teaching her weekly classes as well as an innovative workshop on "Taming Your Inner Critic." We have great technique classes, world music classes and improvisation classes. In addition to teaching courses with the Jazzschool Institute degree program, I am continuing to offer "The Creative Jazz Singer," an all-around weekly class working with a rhythm section.

This will be a festive concert, with lots of information about Jazzschool classes, workshops and master classes and most of all, some amazing music by an eclectic group of vocalists. Refreshments served!

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, February 27th!

Best regards,

Laurie Antonioli
Director, Jazzschool Vocal Program
Visit The Jazzschool Vocal Classes:

Mission Statement:

The Jazzschool fosters the development of the aspiring jazz musician and endeavors to build new audiences to sustain and promote the jazz art form, by integrating a preeminent education program of jazz and related styles of music with life-enriching performance opportunities.

AT 7:30 -- Open to All!!
$5 cover for Jam Session
(Laurie Antonioli)

"The Jazzschool has quickly turned into a major educational presence in the Bay Area, with a faculty drawn from the region's finest musicians. It contributes to the creation of a burgeoning jazz corridor in downtown Berkeley." - DownBeat Magazine

"Laurie Antonioli is having a party and has invited all of her friends - Clairdee, Kim Nalley, Madeline Eastman, Theo Bleckmann and Kitty Margolis, to name just a few of the well-known singers who preach what they practice as part of the Jazzschool's vocal faculty."

Antonioli has been involved with the school for about 10 years, teaching between gigs when she was in the Bay Area. After spending several years performing in Europe, she returned to the Bay Area and in 2006 was offered the job of director of the Jazzschool's Vocal Jazz Studies program, which involves not only developing the vocal education program but also finding people in the Bay Area music community to teach at the school, coordinating concerts and setting up workshops.

She sees teaching as a natural extension of performing." - San Francisco Chronicle

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