Saturday, November 7, 2009

Obama - Urgent: House Vote Soon!

Dear Arnaldo:

The House's first full vote on health reform legislation may come as early as this week. It'll be the first time in more than 60 years that the full body votes on comprehensive reform, and we expect it to be very close.

But with just a few days before the vote, the insurance industry and their allies are putting extraordinary pressure on every representative to defeat it. We know that their expensive lobbyists will be dashing to each congressional office, attempting to twist arms. The only question is whether the phones will be ringing off the hook with constituents supporting reform while that happens.

Can you call your representative right now and tell them to vote in favor of real health insurance reform? Then, click here to report your call.

According to our records, you live in California's 30th congressional district. Please call: Rep. Lois Capps at 202-225-3601
(Not your representative? Click here to look yours up.)

The House bill incorporates the best ideas from Democrats and Republicans to guarantee security and stability for those with insurance, provide affordable options for those without -- including the choice of a public insurance option -- and reduce costs for families and small businesses, all while decreasing the deficit.

Many representatives are standing with the President and fighting hard for reform. They need to know that they have our thanks and our support. And we need to remind the rest of Congress that Americans need them to rise above partisan divides and stand up to the special interests. Please call:

It's down to the wire. Your hard work helped bring us to this historic moment. Now let's bring it home.

Mitch Stewart
Director - Organizing for America

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