Sunday, November 15, 2009

CD of the Day - "Seawind: Reunion"

CD of the Day
Seawind: "Reunion" (Seawind Jazz) 2009

The USA CD release of Seawind's first album in 29 years!
Previously released only in Japan last April, on Blue-Spec CD format exclusively.
This domestic printing comes with a new track-sequence ("Kept By Your Power" now is the opener), a new mixing (by Steve Sykes) and a new mastering by Doug Sax.
Beautiful new songs ("Wayne," "Liquid Spies") and great new versions of two tunes from their debut album for CTI in 1976: "Devil Is A Liar" and the dancefloor bossa-jazz hit "He Loves You," with Al Jarreau doing a superb scat solo. Lead vocalist Pauline Wilson is singing better than ever.
Produced by Larry Wiliams & Bob Wilson. Featuring: Bob Wilson (drums & primary writer), Pauline Wilson (vocals), Larry Williams (keyboards, sax & flutes), Ken Wild (acoustic & electric basses), Bud Nuanez (acoustic & electric guitars), Kim Hutchcroft (saxes & flutes) & Larry Hall (trumpet & flugelhorn).
Special guests: Al Jarreau (vocal solo on "He Loves You"), Gary Grant (trumpet & flugelhorn), Bill Reichenbach (trombone), Michito Sanchez (percussion) & Joe Turano (backing vocals).
Booklet Design, Photos & Digital Imaging by Mr. Blue Johnson, Seawind's dedicated manager.

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