Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Quiet Nights": #1 in Germany!

(the "Quiet Night" ad printed in many German magazines and used as a promo poster in record stores)

Diana Krall's new album, "Quiet Nights" reached the top of the jazz charts in Germany!
In German Amazon, "Quiet Nights" is the #1 Jazz Album on their "Musik-Bestseller" list.
It's also the #15 in the entire Musik market, in the Pop chart, and the #1 the Vocal Jazz chart.
To give an idea of her popularity in Germany, nothing less than 6 other Diana Krall albums appear in the Vocal Jazz Top 25 chart of German Amazon:

# 1 - "Quiet Nights"
# 3 - "All Four You"
# 8 - "Live in Paris"
# 15 - "The Look of Love"
# 18 - "The Girl in the Other Room"
# 19 - "Only Trust Your Heart"
# 25 - "When I Look in Your Eyes"

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