Thursday, April 2, 2009

CD of the Day - "Jamie Baum: Solace"

CD of the Day
Jamie Baum: "Solace" (Sunnyside) 2008

The most recent superb recording, a true masterpiece, created by the great flutist Jamie Baum, who is also one of the most original and creative composers in contemporary jazz.
This is jazz of the third millenium, really. Challenging and striking tunes & performances by a splendid cast of musicians: Ralph Alessi, Shane Endsley, Douglas Yates, Vincent Chauncey, Chris Komer, George Colligan, Johannes Weidenmueller, Jeff Hirshfield & Kyoto Litamura.
All compositions are by Baum, including the centerpiece "Ives Suite" and a tribute to Canadian trumpeter Kenny Wheeler, "Wheeler of Fortune."
This is her Septet's second album, which sounds like a chamber jazz orchestra with no strings but an intriguing (and ingeniously arranged) combination of trumpet, flugelhorn, alto sax, bass clarinet and two French horns - plus the rhythm section that also avoids any kind of cliché on its function.
Due to her stunning performances on "Solace," Jamie Baum was elected best flutist of the year in our 2008 Jazz Station Poll, published not only in this website as well as on Brazil's daily newspaper "Tribuna da Imprensa" (Press Tribune).

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