Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eric Revis releases "Laughter's Necklace of Tears"

Bassist/composer Eric Revis releases the follow-up to his 11:11 Records' highly acclaimed "Tales of the Stuttering Mime," with the beautiful "Laughter’s Necklace of Tears."

Revis, best known for his work with the Branford Marsalis Quartet, delves into the myriad of influences that have informed his development for many years. From the writings of surrealist Andre Breton, a brief excursion into the world of hillbilly music, to an adaptation of a Paul Hindemith Sonata, "Laughter’s Necklace of Tears," proves that both compositionally and instrumentally Revis’s trajectory into greatness is imminent.

Revis is joined by a stellar group of forward thinking musicians including; Orrin Evans (piano/melodica), Stacy Dillard (tenor sax), John Ellis (tenor & soprano saxophones), Gerald Cleaver & Dana Murray (drums) and Oz Noy (guitar).

“Eric’s sound is the sound of doom; big, thick, percussive.” - Branford Marsalis

“Laughter’s Necklace Of Tears” experiments with different facets of jazz and infuses aspects of country, folk and rock into the mix. He is a forward-thinking artist who adheres to a scientific approach when composing his arrangements, showing that any melodic alloys which exist today can be transformed into new material tomorrow.” – JazzTimes

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