Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dave Brubeck is recuperating at home

The 88 year old pianist Dave Brubeck, who was taken in early April to the hospital due to a viral infection, went out of the Yale New Haven Hospital yesterday and is now recuperating at his beautiful home in Wilton, Connecticut. He is to rest for the next month, at least. The good news is that the greatest jazz living legend, whom I have the honor to be as a friend and a partner (Arnaldo DeSouteiro wrote the lyrics to Brubeck's "Broadway Bossa Nova" and other songs, at Brubeck's request) is progressing in the right direction, but he still needs regain strength after he lost 15 pounds. It was a bad siege, but things are looking up. We all hope to see him back on stage soon. The Unisphere deserves it!

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