Thursday, September 10, 2009

Keziat presents a solo exhibition in San Francisco

From September 19 to October 18, Italian visual artist Keziat will present a solo exhibition at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco. "Visionaria", her latest artwork production, will be showing in one of the most interesting and creative art space in California. In collaboration with Italian musician Luca Ciarla, Keziat will be touring also around Usa & Canada from September 9 to October 20. Keziat & Luca will present their latest work, Fiddler in the Loop, in which music and visual arts happily interact on stage giving birth to an original and faschinating performance.

"In her works Keziat gives life to imaginary creatures and worlds. In her drawings ”other” realities break “the taboos of a merely retinol vision” (Andrè Breton) just as it happens in dreaming. “Immaginaria” is a cycle of works in which Keziat is more visionary than ever and gives us, on paper and video, drawings giving birth to one another, dreams floating behind her retinas and coming out as tears to caress paper cheeks. They are made in black and white on sheets where shadows and light draw one another reciprocally. They show us polymorphous beings and animals genetically modified by fantasy or unusually expressive fishes peering at us from inside computer screens and broken tv sets." Emanuela De Notariis
Born in Puglia, Italy, Keziat approached the world of visual arts at an early age. In 1998 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Foggia and began to collaborate with galleries and publishing companies in Italy and abroad. Since then, Keziat has presented her works in Venice, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Chicago, Rome, Florence, Porto, Reggio Emilia, Milan, Washington.

Her visionary art expresses in paintings, cartoons, illustrations and video animation. From 1996 to 2003, Keziat creates mainly paintings characterized by the representation of fantastic and mysterious worlds. From 2003 to 2007, Keziat focuses on woman pictures in an intimate, erotic and grotesque vein. At present she is working on installations in which several artworks are connected to each other, forming a unified visionary story. Some of her latest artworks (the cube series In-cubi, ink on paper illustrations Dream, the triptych L’Albero dei sogni, the short video animation Memoria di un folle) will be featured a personal exhibition at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco in fall 2009.

In the world of illustrations and cartoons, Keziat has published: Morbus, a cartoon story written and illustrated by her and published by Medicina Nucleare; Me and You & Me, two volumes illustrated for Encyclopediae Britannica (Chicago), A mother's voice, a short story illustrated for AltarMagazine (New York), The caterpillar that wouldn’t change written by Nancy S.Murè, Fiddler in the Loop, CD made by musician Luca Ciarla, with whom she presents live art performances and live painting. Artist's web site,

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Oi Arnaldo,
Admiro muito o seu trabalho. Sou leitor de seu blog e gosto muitos dos seus textos. Vim lhe pedir a sua autorização pois eu gostaria de pôr o seu artigo sobre o Taiguara em um site de música do qual faço parte. O site é este:

PS: Esses dias montei uma resenha sobre o Sweetnighter do nosso grande Weather Report. Eu não profissional da área, mas a ideia na verdade é tentar sempre lembrar dos grandes discos e divigulgá-los, de alguma forma, pra quem nao os conhecem.

E qual o seu e-mail para que eu possa contatá-lo ?

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