Thursday, September 24, 2009

CD of the Day - "Nelson Angelo: Minas Em Meu Coração"

CD of the Day
Nelson Angelo: "Minas Em Meu Coração" (NAC) 2009

The most underrated genius in the history of Brazilian music, Nelson Angelo gives another masterpiece to the world: "Minas Em Meu Coração."
From the opening track, a superb contemporary samba titled "Salvar Como Nosso Planeta," till the last one, the solo piano "O Silêncio da Montanha," this master delivers an outstanding collection of great songs with stunning (a surprise after a surprise) arrangements - all by Angelo himself, of course, who also played piano, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, percussion, did the main vocals, the electronic programming, the mixing, the mastering...
This multi-talented hero gets the support of people like Luiz Alves, Robertinho Silva, Paulo Guimarães, his daughter Ana Martins, Roberto Marques and Kiko Continentino, amongs others.
Beyond words and one of the best albums of the year, of this decade, and of this century. Gênio da Raça!

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