Friday, May 1, 2009

"Swing Journal" - May 2009

Cover: Art Pepper
The Serial : The Truth Behind Masterpieces -

Liner Notes Tell A Golden Era of Jazz Giants: Art Pepper
Wynton Marsalis x Joshua Redman
Hiromi Uehara
Marlene - It's "Tropical Jazz" Magic!
2009 Swing Journal Japan Jazz Readers Poll
Euro Jazz Piano Fascination
Stardust / New York Trio & Ken Peplowski
Here Comes New Masterpieces
Return of Jazz Samurai
Storia del Jazz Italiano
Let's Dig The Re-Issued Discs
Brian Bromberg
1968-1970 Miles Davis
Questions For Jazz Beginners
Hot News: Overseas
New York Jazz Monthly
Hot News: Domestic
Jazz On Air
The Monthly Disc Review
Top Chart
SJ Gold Disc of This Month
Import Discs
New Discs Release Information
SJ Gold Disc Preview: "Haunted Heart / Hilary Kole"
Yoshio Toyama's Young Days with Louis Armstrong
Jazz Masterpieces Story - Philips
Serial : Yasukuni Terashima's Jazz Lounge
Brad Mehldau Trio in Tokyo 2009
What's up now! : Claudia Acuna / Carol Welsman / Mayumi Lowe
Readers Plaza : Jazz Spot Pilgrimage Returns / Readers / Jazz Allnighters By Tatsuo Sunaga / Jazz West Coast
Swing Street : Yozo Iwanami / Music / Movie
Live Report : Junko Moriya Orchestra / Rebecca Martin / Claudia Acuna / Tom Scott & Paulette McWilliams / The Yellowjackets featuring Mike Stern
Comin' Soon!
Live & Jazz Spot Guide
Jazz Sound & Visual
Zingali 1.12 Speakers
SJ Components Selections
Natural wooden housing Headphones
Enjoy Jazz Vocal with 300B Tube
New Component Test Report
Serial : Guide To Visual Equipment in HD-Image/HQ-Sound Era
News Flash
A & AV Topics
Reader's Square / Audio Q&A / Market / etc.
Sound Quality Of New Discs

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