Monday, May 11, 2009

Performance Rights Vote Imminent

Message from Neil Portnow:
Dear Recording Academy Member:

In February, I told our worldwide GRAMMY telecast audience about our quest for a performance right for artists whose music is broadcast on AM/FM radio.

My message today is for our insiders-Recording Academy members. We are at a critical moment in this pursuit, and now is the time to act. A vote in the U.S. House Judiciary Committee is imminent, so your representative needs to hear from you today or tomorrow (May 11 or 12).

Royalties are paid to performers by U.S. Internet radio and satellite radio, and by terrestrial broadcasters everywhere in the developed world. But in the U.S., AM/FM radio does not pay for the music it uses. The Performance Rights Act would close the "corporate radio loophole" that prevents artists from earning royalties when their work is used by the $16 billion radio industry. If you believe that performers should be compensated whenever another business profits from their work, please take three minutes and place a call to your legislator's office. It's quick and easy. Simply go to and click "Call Now" for instructions.

Together, we can establish this important right for our music community.

Kind regards,

Neil Portnow
The Recording Academy

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