Friday, May 8, 2009

Bahama Soul Club tops RAI chart with new single

Starting as an instrumental among all of the new demos from the forthcoming Bahama Soul Club's album, John Turrell from "Smoove&Turrell" was directly inspired by this track, adding his "from the heart" lyrics about collecting rare vinyl and vinyl junkies. He serves a gospel flavoured and soul powered homage to those sought after, original 7's on a funky bahama bossa. Immediately released just as it was sung on the first take and rawly arranged to save that genuine feel from John's first recorded ideas.
Keeping with the rare vibe this 7" comes in pure pristine white vinyl and of course it is strictly
limited to 400 copies! There will be NO digital release of these tracks until next album is coming out ...
It's much more than an appetizer, it's really a gem, that you shouldn't miss!

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