Monday, May 4, 2009

Blu-spec CD of the Day - "Seawind: Window Of A Child"

Blu-spec CD of the Day
Seawind: "Window of a Child" (Village) 1977/2009

Includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks: "Take Me in Love" (Ken Wild/Larry Williams/Mark Vieha) and "Heaven in Your Eyes" (Bob Wilson/Mark Vieha).
Deluxe Japanese paper sleeve issue, reproducing the gatefold cover of the original CTI LP, except for the deleted CTI logo. The insert includes all lyrics printed both in English and Japanese, plus extensive liner notes only in Japanese.
Produced by Harvey Mason & Bob Wirtz, Seawind's second album to the CTI label featured band members Pauline Wilson, Bob Wilson, Larry Williams (who played keyboards, saxophones & other winds and arranged the strings section), Ken Wild & Jerry Hey, plus guests Harvey Mason, Bud Nuanez, Ian Underwood, Bill Reichenbach and strings concertmaster Charles Veal, the best "spalla" ever in the LA area.
Top tracks: the instrumental "Campanas de Invierno" (featuring Williams' tenor sax and Hey's flugelhorn), "Wings of Love" (on which the combination of Pauline's voice and Larry's moog synth evoke the best recordings of Gayle Moran on Chick Corea's albums of that period) and the radio hit "One Sweet Night".
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