Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Noel Webb offers free download of his new CD

Following the successful April 2009 release of "Give It All," the follow-up to "Satin Sheets," electric violinist Noel Webb has decided to extend the hand of friendship to fans by offering a FREE download of the entire album.

Go to for access to all five songs.

This offer is only available through June 5, 2009.

Although the album has only been out for a little over a month, the reviews from radio and music critics have been positive. Wes Gillespie of proclaimed, "“His music is very 21st century with a harder, urban edge than many Smooth Jazz records which become repetitive and hard to differentiate from artist to artist. Noel's music is instantly identifiable and quite unique...will be a breath of fresh air to, not only the Smooth Jazz record buying public, but by its very inference it may appeal to the cross over classical and hip hop markets as well." Industry insider Hans Bernd-Hulsman (AKA "HBH" to readers at said, "For friends of the electric violin a banquet of fine music. For newcomers a pleasant surprise and discovery."
When the violin first chose Noel Webb, he knew that he was being led down a different path. While most violinists were fashioned in the traditional classical structure, Noel was intoxicated by the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and the sultry electricity of rock n’ roll music. “Each violin I played, I knew there was personal expression of soul, sex, and outrageous rock in that instrument. With no previous violinist to follow, I knew there was fresh musical discovery there, to let my insides sing out,” said Webb.

This same desire to dance within the sphere of the creative muse, also led Webb into other forms of artistic expression. Fans of the daytime television will recall he served as a principle actor for the soap opera General Hospital. Other television/movie appearances include a recurring character in Mad About You, a co-starring role on FBI-Untold Stories and starring roles in movies of the week like The Alamo, Young Riders, The Menendez Brothers and Reluctant Agent. As a Hollywood actor, he’d rack up an extensive list of commercials and narrative spots for companies like McDonalds, Honda, Emery, NBC Promo, CBS Promo, 50 A&E biographies, TNN biographies and also movie trailers. As a writer, Webb composed film scores for dozens of movies, television shows, commercials and trailers including History of Violence, Butterfly Effect, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Seabiscuit, Ray, Storm in the Afternoon, The Crow, Sprint commercial, Chevy Geo commercial, Great American Foods commercial, etc.

In 2006, the violin once again took center stage and demanded a place to call home with the CD release of the Soul of Noel Webb. This release would garner national airplay and critical acclaim, making Webb the innovator of contemporary pop electric violin.

Currently, Webb is gearing up for a national tour in support of his new release, "Give It All."
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