Monday, June 8, 2009

R.I.P.: Raul de Barros

Raul de Barros
(born November 25, 1915, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil;
died June 08, 2009, Itaboraí, RJ, Brazil)

One of Brazil's top three trombonists, alongside Edson Maciel and Raul de Souza, he was also a gifted composer, arranger and band-leader, a master in the "samba de gafieira" style. His most famous song is "Na Glória" (co-written by Ari dos Santos in 1949). Raul de Barros was married to singer Gilda de Barros, performed with Pixinguinha & Radamés Gnatalli, recorded his first session as a leader in 1948 and his best album in 1974, "Brasil, Trombone" for the Marcus Pereira label.

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