Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Jazz Bakery location update

Message from Ruth Price:


Having been displaced by a furniture store, we are now IN HOT PURSUIT OF A NEW HOME. Thus far, out of dozens of proposed sites, we are intrigued by three. I'm not trying to be a tease, but it would be imprudent for me to give you more specific information at this point, since there has been nothing "signed".

I can tell you that the locations of interest are all DEFINITELY ON THE WEST SIDE. Which is to say Beverly Hills, Culver City, and West Los Angeles. All three have a great deal to offer, and all three sites communities are excited about the prospect of having The Jazz Bakery in their midst.

I assure you our POLICY WILL REMAIN EXACTLY THE SAME in our new location: Artists will be presented in a concert format; our reduced student pricing will remain intact; as will our Wall of Fame, populated by the many heartfelt honors you've bestowed upon your favorite players and/or friends. As soon as The Jazz Bakery re-opens in its new permanent home, your Upper Crust card will be extended to allow for "time out." And of course, as always, we will continue as a non-profit organization and maintain our 501(c)3 status. Click here to see the many TAX DEDUCTIBLE ways you can help the Jazz Bakery stay alive!

We've had very little time to prepare for the funding necessary to accomplish this major move, so while we search for our new home, the Jazz Bakery will present individual FUNDRAISING EVENTS. at the state-of-the-art Grammy Museum Theater. The first event scheduled will be SUNDAY, JULY 19TH. Above all, please keep up with our website for artist and reservation information.

The same fine level of artists who define our very core will continue to represent what the name "Jazz Bakery" stands for.

We're counting on your support to make sure the Jazz Bakery continues

President & Artistic Director"

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