Monday, June 22, 2009

Pics by David Adam Beloff from DK's concert at nTelos

Photoblogging Beloff
David Adam Beloff, a photographer who grew up in Hampton Roads, captures many moments with his camera. David's work spans from artsy black & white images to the colorful rockstars that perform at various venues in Hampton Roads. See more of his work on his Website.
Click on this link to see more pics from the concert:

Five-time grammy award-winning jazz artist, Diana Krall graced the stage at the NTelos Portsmouth Amphitheater last night. Her performance was so beautiful, so touching, so honest. It was such a pleasure to hear live jazz again. Krall's contralto voice echoed throughout the venue and kept the audience completely entranced and silent. So silent, in fact, that you could hear a pin drop! What a great moment in such an intimate venue. To read more on Miss Krall's performace, click here to read Malcolm Venable's article in The Virginian Pilot.

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