Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Book of the Day - "João Gilberto: Bossa Nova Guitar"

Book of the Day
João Gilberto: "Bossa Nova Guitar" (Amazon) 2001


Unknown said...

How does one acquire this book? I can't find it anywhere?

Micah Issitt

Arnaldo DeSouteiro said...

Hi Micah,
You can get a copy at Amazon-Japan for ¥ 19,800.
Here's the direct link:
The Japanese title is:
ギターソロ ジョアン・ジルベルト~ボサノヴァギター完全コピー (楽譜)
Good luck!

Unknown said...

Amazon Japan won't ship that item to the U.S. Any other ideas?



Unknown said...

What is book about anyway?
I can't find any details about it's content.
By the way:
1. Do you know about any Joao's show in Europe, after canceling his concerts in Spain?
2. Is there anything new about the Japan tour DVD? How can I find the non-oficail copy?

Thanks- Ein