Monday, June 8, 2009

JazzTimes suspends publication

The problems that JazzTimes magazine are suffering were oficially confirmed today on their own website. JazzTimes was founded as Radio Free Jazz in 1970, published as a "scrappy periodical" until 1990 when it "upgraded to enviable slickness" and became a rival to Down Beat. It had become a major player in the field with insightful articles, interviews and extensive record reviews, with renowned contributors such as Christopher Loundon and Nat Hentoff. We hope that JT will not become just one more of recently lost jazz periodicals such as Coda, The Mississippi Rag, and Jazz Hot, which was France's top jazz mag for several decades. The June 2009 issue of JT was not shipped to the printers.
"An Important Message From JazzTimes Management
By JazzTimes

To our readers and members of the jazz community:
JazzTimes has temporarily suspended publication of the magazine and has furloughed the bulk of its staff while it finalizes a sale of its assets. The brand and operation will undergo reorganization and restructuring in order to remain competitive in the current media climate. Print publishing is expected to resume as soon as a sale is closed. New information and statements will be posted at as they become available.

Thank you for your patience during this challenging period.
JazzTimes Management"

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