Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CD of the Day - "Charlie Mariano, Philip Catherine & Jasper van't Hof"

CD of the Day
Philip Catherine, Charlie Mariano & Jasper van't Hof: "Sleep My Love" (CMP) 1979/1995

A personal favorite among the dozens of Mariano's albums in my collection, since I got the original German LP release, reissued in Japan by JIMCO.
Recorded in December 1978 & February 1979 in Copenhagen, produced by Kurt Renker, it's an outer-space session on which Charlie plays flutes, soprano & alto saxophones, and the exotic nagaswaram, while Catherine uses acoustic & electric guitars and even a proto guitar synthesizer, and Jasper van't Hof plays acoustic & electric pianos, organ, synths & kalimba.
Mariano contributes with the title track and "Smell of Madras", but shines throughout the album, which closes with a beyond words "Improvisation on a Theme of Schoenberg's 'Verklärte Nacht'".

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