Thursday, August 23, 2007

Green Messengers

Leeds and Reading festivals are looking to recruit up to 280 "green messengers" to work in the campsites at each festival, talking to the festival goers about the I-count campaign and encouraging them to be environmentally aware in the disposal of their rubbish, particularly in packing up. Mean Fiddler are keen to alert festival goers to the environmental impact of burning their tents and possessions instead of taking them home or donating them. The organisation, Global Hand is working in association with Mean Fiddler at both events to collect in any left behind tents and possessions for re - use in disaster relief and the green messengers will work with Global Hand on the Monday and Tuesday to help recycle the tents.

Tent burning isn't cool - it pollutes the planet. Help cut the carbon-resuse and recycle stuff to charity. Every green messenger will count in helping stop climate chaos. To learn more see

To apply, you must be over 18, available to work from Wednesday 23rd to Tuesday 28th August, doing a total of 24 hours in shifts at some point during Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. You will be free to enjoy the festivals the rest of the time. You must be proactive and dynamic, and happy to interact with the public, spreading the stop climate chaos message.

You will need to pay a deposit by cheque of £145 which will then be reimbursed once you have completed your shifts. Cheques must be sent by Friday 17th August.

If you have already bought a ticket for Reading or Leeds, you can still apply and you will be paid for your shifts once they are completed to the value of your ticket. Please mention that you already have a ticket in your application and send a photocopy of the ticket.

To apply, email: Emily Kay on with your name, address, mobile number, email, date of birth, place of birth, next of kin contact details and your NI number.

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