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"Another Feeling" - Jazz Hot review

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English Translation:
Jazz Hot, # 637 (March/ 2007) France
Thiago de Mello & Dexter Payne
"Another Feeling"
Jazz Station Records JSR 6052
Recorded in Forest Hills, NY, 2006
Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro

A little time has gone by (see Jazz Hot n0 628; April/2006) since JSR reissued Thiago de Mello's debut album, Amazon, released in 1973. Time passes, and Thiago continues. The music has changed a great deal since then but the person, the multi-instrumentalist, the poet, the Man are still here. This newest disc is moving, a kind of Latin blues, not just Brazilian, even though the music is a blending of good jazz and Brazilian music‹it is another feeling, soaring over Payne' s clarinet or alto saxophone. After an introduction, a nostalgic evocation of his younger years, Thiago traces his life. An homage to Gil Evans ("A Hug for Gil Evans") for the awareness that he raised to the music of Brazil; a gospel hymn ("An Evening Prayer") sung by Ithamara Koorax, reminding us that in a very Catholic Latin America, some minorities opted, with difficulty, for other churches‹like Thiago's family, influenced by American missionaries who had made their way into the Amazon. This same theme is echoed in the bonus track "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." And de Mello's life continues; his life and his invovements told in two lovely renditions: "Another Feeling," written in 1967 when Che Gueverra was killed in Bolivia, and "The Exile Song," an homage to all the victims of the Latin American dictatorships from Nicaragua to Chile. Ithamara Koorax, once again, is excellent in these two pieces. "Kimbolian Dawn" and "Two (or Too) Good Notes" along with "What About That?" are the most lively on this album and they swing. "Lonely Piano" and "Mar Aberto" form a duet evoking the nostalgia of a period when Thiago was living in downtown New York City. (Patrick Dalmace)

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